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Food for Thought Friday: Facebook Kills Game Invites, the Rise of Google's RankBrain AI and more!

Phillip Brooks
Food for Thought Friday: Facebook Kills Game Invites, the Rise of Google's RankBrain AI and more!

In this week's installment of Food for Thought Friday we're looking at stories about Facebook killing off much-maligned game invites, the limitations of behavioral targeting in digital marketing, Google's RankBrain and the rise of the machines, and a guide to leveraging Google's Search Analytics API that doesn't take a wizard to understand.

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Sick of Candy Crush invites? Facebook to kill game requests by Bridget Carey via CNET on October 28, 2015 [Facebook] CEO Zuckerberg pledges to put an end to those annoying game invites, and the social network also destroys the "other" inbox folder. Meanwhile, Skype adds video filters and Google Play Music gets podcasts.

Past Behavior Does Not Determine Future Purchases by Liraz Margalit via TechCrunch on October 24, 2015 You already bought shoes, so why are you still being bombarded with ads for them? The reason is simple: Today’s targeted advertising and website personalization technology tracks and responds to your past actions. This is known as “behavioral targeting.” And it’s the way websites use information collected from an individual’s past browsing behavior to select advertisements to display.

Google Turning Its Lucrative Web Search Over to AI Machines by Jack Clark via Bloomberg Business on October 26, 2015 For the past few months, a “very large fraction” of the millions of queries a second that people type into the company’s search engine have been interpreted by an artificial intelligence system, nicknamed RankBrain, said Greg Corrado, a senior research scientist with the company, outlining for the first time the emerging role of AI in search.

How To Leverage The Google Search Analytics API by Andrew Ruegger via Search Engine Land on October 26, 2015The Webmaster Tools Search Analytics API is available, and with the proper setup you can get a lot of great information about your website’s performance, Google’s algorithmic testing and consumer behavior. Not everyone in search is a developer or has the technical skills to call APIs, but there is a growing need for anyone in digital to at least understand what they are and when it may be in your best interest to use an API vs the standard user interface. Let’s explore the APIs and the types of insights they deliver.

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