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Food for Thought Friday: Facebook‘s First Billion, Google Cracks Down on App Makers, and AdWords Gets a New Addition

Phillip Brooks
Food for Thought Friday: Facebook‘s First Billion, Google Cracks Down on App Makers, and AdWords Gets a New Addition

This week we’re highlighting articles about Facebook's insane growth, Google cracking down on App interstitials, Outbound vs. Inbound, and YouTube TrueView campaigns making the jump to AdWords.

Miss these stories during the week?

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1. Facebook Has a Billion Users in a Single Day, Says Mark Zuckerberg by Dave Lee, BBC News, August 28. For the first time over a billion people used Facebook on a single day, according to company founder Mark Zuckerberg.The "milestone" was reached on Monday, when "1 in 7 people on Earth used Facebook to connect with their friends and family", he said in a Facebook post.

2. Google Will Soon Start Punishing Mobile Sites That Use Annoying App Install Ads by Frederic Lardinois, TechCrunch September 1. There’s nothing wrong with app install ads, but too often now, you click on a mobile search result, and when the site loads, a giant app install interstitial pops up that prompts you to install that site’s app. Thankfully, Google today announced that it will soon start downranking sites that do this.

3. Consumer Survey Reveals the Efficacy of Inbound vs. Outbound by Kelsey Libert on the Moz Blog, September 1. With the growing resistance to interruptive marketing, it's clear that consumers are fed up with low-value, high noise marketing. But are some of these tactics and channels still an effective ingredient within a holistic marketing approach? Better yet, is inbound marketing any better in the eyes of the consumer?

4. Google Brings YouTube TrueView Campaigns into the AdWords Fold by Ginny Marvin, Search Engine Land, September 2. If you run TrueView YouTube campaigns in AdWords, you know that getting to them is like entering a netherworld. Not only do you lose the tether to your other campaigns, running video campaigns in AdWords feels like being forced to write with your other hand. Sure, you can do it, but not with the same comfort level as managing campaigns in the main AdWords UI. Well, that’s finally changing. Google announced Wednesday that TrueView video campaigns are getting wrapped right into the main AdWords interface

So, those are my top stories for the week. Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

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