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Food for Thought Friday: Humor in Marketing & Top SEO Blogs

Kathleen Garvin

Happy New Year! Hope 2015 is off to a great start.

To close out this holiday week, I wanted to share two articles with you: how "boring brands" used humor in their marketing to stand out, and the top 10 SEO blogs you should be reading in the new year.

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7 Boring Big Brands That Used Humor to Amp Up Their Marketing by Kim Speier, Hubspot, December 30, 2014

So does humor work best for a specific type of company or can anyone do it? If done appropriately, I think most companies can take part. Businesses with highly-specialized or expensive products can take advantage by appealing to all audiences. Someone who interacts with your marketing may not be your target customer, but they could very well share your information with someone who is. It’s all about brand awareness.

Humor can also lend itself to companies in highly-competitive or saturated industries. What better way to stand out from those that sell a product or service of similar quality and price than by letting your company’s personality shine?

Top 10 SEO Blogs You Should be Reading in 2015 by John Rampton, Inc. Magazine, December 30, 2014

What you want to look for in a SEO blog is not only that it covers the latest SEO news, but that it also takes that news and analyzes what it means for your company. These topics, in addition to other relevant "how-to" articles, videos, and guides, are what make an SEO blog stand out against the rest.

You see where this is going: I weeded out a few of the best that really fit this criterion and have great potential for 2015.

Kathleen Garvin

Asks great questions and provides brilliant answers.

Kathleen Garvin is an online editor and analytics wrangler for The Penny Hoarder, the largest personal finance blog. She's also a contributing writer for I Want Her Job and started a beginner-friendly digital marketing blog, The Maroon House. Kathleen is the former blog editor at SEMrush.
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