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Food for Thought Friday: Panda 4.2 Rolling Out Globally, Windows 10 & New Google Feature

Kathleen Garvin
Food for Thought Friday: Panda 4.2 Rolling Out Globally, Windows 10 & New Google Feature

This week we’re highlighting articles on the Panda 4.2 refresh (rolling out slowly and globally), the launch of Windows 10 and Google's new search feature — cool or creepy?

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Google: The Panda 4.2 Refresh Is Rolling Out Globally by Barry Schwartz, July 30, 2015

Google's Gary Illyes said on Twitter that this is indeed a global roll out. He said Panda 4.2 is "rolling out slowly globally."

... So we know this is the slowest roll out of Panda ever. The scores are already calculated, which are site-wide scores but haven't been fully assigned to all the pages on a specific site or the whole index yet. Some some pages on your site may be assigned the score and some may not, so the impact of Panda (if you are impacted negatively or positively) will be realized over months, not days.

We now also know that this is a global refresh impacting all the search results worldwide, not just English results.

Windows 10: 7 Important Things To Know by Jay McGregor, July 28, 2015, Forbes

Launch day. Well, for some. For many, they’ll be waiting a few days, weeks or even months for their copy of Windows 10. Whilst you’re waiting for Windows 10 to turn up, here are a couple important things to know.


Sort of. It’s free if you qualify for the free upgrade. That means you’ll need to be running either Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone 8.1. You should have already received a notification asking you to reserve your copy. If not, you’ll get one soon or you’ll be told when the upgrade is ready to be installed.

Google's New Feature Will Help You Avoid Other Humans by Alexandra Ma, July 29, 2015, HuffPost Tech

What happens when you carefully research a hot new walk-in-only restaurant, make big plans to go, then find it's completely packed when you get there?

Google has a solution for you. The company on Tuesday announced a new Search feature that lets mobile users see when a destination will be most popular.

The information, displayed in a bar graph, is based on "aggregated and anonymous data from mobile devices that have location history enabled," according to a spokesperson for Google.

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