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Food for Thought Friday: The 'King' of Sponsored Tweets, Google Local Shakeup and Mobile Ads are on the Rise

Phillip Brooks
Food for Thought Friday: The 'King' of Sponsored Tweets, Google Local Shakeup and Mobile Ads are on the Rise

This week we’re highlighting articles on sponsored tweets, 30 minute content marketing mastery, essential WordPress plugins for SEO and the impact of ramping up ads on mobile SERPs.

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LeBron James-Sponsored Tweets Valued at $140K, or $1K per Character by Darren Rovell on ESPN.com, August 19, 2015

Opendorse, a company that specializes in executing and monetizing digital and social media campaigns for athletes, says a tweet from James, who has 23.2 million followers, has the highest value of any U.S. athlete. Each tweet from James has a media value of $139,474, the company said.

How to Manage Your Content Marketing in 30 Minutes a Day by Aaron Agius on HubSpot.com, August 19, 2015

...even if you only have 30 minutes in a day to commit to content marketing, you can make a meaningful impact. Today, we’re going to learn what exactly you can do in that small amount of time. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but you might be surprised by what you can accomplish when you have the right priorities.

Two Essential WordPress Plugins for Search Engine Optimization by Mike Allton on SiteSell.com, August 20, 2015

...just try doing a plugin search on “SEO” at WordPress.org and you will literally get 1000+ results (WP stops counting at that point). Since you can’t filter by ratings or any other criteria, how are you supposed to know which plugin or plugins to install?

Obviously, there’s where this article comes in.

The Early Impact Of Google Adding More Ads To Mobile SERPs by Andy Taylor on SearchEngineLand.com, August 20, 2015

There have been reports that Google recently updated its mobile search listings to increasingly include three text ads instead of two at the top of the page for some search queries. By analyzing Merkle|RKG data, we’ve been able to confirm this change and take a look at what the change might mean for search advertisers.

While Google has shown three text ads in the past, it appears that the three-ad format has become more prevalent over the past few weeks.

Looking at data across dozens of advertisers, this change appears to already be impacting paid search performance and may end up resulting in significant increases in ad phone traffic for many advertisers.

Google's Local Snack Pack Shake-Up: What You Need to Know by Jennifer Slegg on Moz.com, August 17, 2015

On Thursday, August 6th, people began to notice that the usual 7-packs that frequently showed up in the search results for local businesses were suddenly replaced with 3-packs in the desktop search results. It initially wasn't too alarming, but as the hours passed it was obvious Google had changed the face of local search in their search results.

By the end of that day, 3-packs had completely replaced all the 7-packs across all verticals and across all countries. This was an unusual move for Google, since they commonly tested out local changes that only rolled out to specific countries. But this change was for everyone everywhere.

By the next morning, less than 24 hours after the first changes were noticed, Mozcast confirmed what everyone suspected: 7-packs were history and 3-packs were all the rage.

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Phillip Brooks is SEMrush's Content Marketing Manager.
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