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Food For Thought Friday: The Rise of Topical Optimization, How Content Marketers Can Tell Better Stories with Data, and more!

Phillip Brooks
Food For Thought Friday: The Rise of Topical Optimization, How Content Marketers Can Tell Better Stories with Data, and more!

Welcome back to SEMrush's Food for Thought Friday for December 18, 2015. This week's links come to you from a galaxy far, far away, or Philadelphia, PA. Whichever sounds more exotic to you.

This week's stories include: the rise of topical optimization, how content marketers can tell better stories with data, how hard is it to do conversion optimization on a platform like Steam, and how the police are using social media to find and prosecute criminals.

Let's get to it!

Goodbye Keyword Optimization – Welcome to the Age of Topical Optimization by Stoney deGuyter via Search Engine Land on December 15, 2015 But the focus of our efforts isn’t on finding keywords just so they can be sprinkled into the site’s content. Instead, we focus on organizing the keywords into meaningful topical groups and considering searcher intent. From that, we are able to create meaningful, authoritative content.

How Content Marketers Can Tell Better Stories with Data by Alexandra Samuel via Harvard Business Review on December 15, 2015 Content marketers have started to tell stories with data, and best practices are quickly emerging. The first step is to find the story you want to tell: how you approach data collection and analysis will determine what kind of content you’ll be able to develop. Once the story becomes clear, craft your message without letting the data overwhelm it.

When Two Best Friends Make Video Games (And Only One Sells) by Mark Serrels via Kotaku Australia on December 15, 2015 The reality: the success of your video game on Steam is tied to numbers that record conversion rates. According to Matt, every game released is given 100,000 views on Steam’s ‘popular new releases’. You are given that exposure for free. After that? You need to earn your spot. If you’re not getting as many sales per impression as the next game, you’re not going to be on that list. Simply put: developers don’t necessarily need to worry about driving people to the Steam page. Steam gets millions and millions of views per day by default. Developers need to be worrying about conversion.

NYPD Busting Gang Members Through Social Media by Thomas Tracy via New York Daily News on December 13, 2015 For years, scouring social media has been one of the many tools investigators use to build cases against gang members, Catalina told the Daily News. But with more and more criminals posting to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, investigations into social media activity have become as valuable as evidence gathered on the streets.

So did we miss any articles you and your colleagues were talking about around the watercooler this week? Let us know in the comments!

Phillip Brooks

Provides valuable insights and adds depth to the conversation.

Phillip Brooks is SEMrush's Content Marketing Manager.
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