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Food for Thought Friday: The Technology Behind 'The Daily Show' and 'Last Week Tonight,' Google's Antitrust Woes and Amazon's Drones Are Cleared to Fly

Phillip Brooks

Kathleen's on vacation so I'm filling in on this week's edition of Food for Thought Friday.

This week we’re highlighting articles about how your favorite comedic news shows sort all that video data so quickly, Google's antitrust woes and Amazon's drones being cleared to fly by the FAA.

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Inside the Secret Technology That Makes 'The Daily Show' and 'Last Week Tonight' Work by Nicole Dieker, via Splitsider - March 25

The actual SnapStream search interface is designed to replicate the familiar Google search interface — a clean white background with blue linked text, the "show address" (e.g. "NBC") printed in green the way Google uses green for its web addresses and a paragraph of gray text describing where the search term appears within the show.

Highlights of the FTC Staff Report on Google & Antitrust Issues by Danny Sullivan, via MarketingLand - March 25th

The Wall Street Journal has released the 2012 FTC staff report it received investigating Google on antitrust allegations. By "full," that is half the actual report. The FTC mistakenly sent it every other page out of a report meant to be private.

Amazon Wins Approval to Test Delivery Drones Outdoors by Nick Wingfield, via The New York Times - March 19

Federal regulators have given Amazon a green light to begin testing drones, but it will most likely take years before the online retailer can start delivering packages from the air to peoples' homes.

What articles got you and your colleagues talking this week? We'd love to hear from you in the comments

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