Fortune 500 Companies Overview by Semrush

Discover website traffic, online mentions and social media followers of the Fortune 500 companies.

Discover website traffic, online mentions and social media followers of companies in the Fortune 500.

For example you might want to examine various metrics about a company's online performance before investing in the company. This data can provide you with additional information about a company that standard reports may not include. 

Based on data* from Semrush tools, this page reveals some digital details about companies in the Fortune 500, enabling you to track more stats about the company in question.

This post is updated every month, to help you compare changes in user interest and web performance from one period to the next.

Global data, 

RankCompanySymbolWebsiteTraffic(i)Brand Mentions(i)
Rows per page

*Numbers in the Traffic column are estimates based on data from the Semrush Traffic Analytics tool, which uses anonymized data from clickstream data providers. From this clickstream data, we run our Neural Network algorithm to come up with estimates based on statistical sampling and error testing.

The Brand Mentions column shows the number of company brand name quotations across websites found with the help of Semrush’s Brand Monitoring tool.

Numbers in the Social Media Audience column are collected with Semrush’s Social Media Tracker tool. Data presented in this column is a collection of public information from the official social media accounts of selected companies.

More about Semrush data sources.

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