Free Chrome Extensions Marketers Should Use #Semrushchat

Liza Voronkova

Oct 10, 201613 min read
Free Chrome Extensions Marketers

Many people use Google Chrome because they like it and find it easy to use. But the browser becomes even more powerful when you add specific extensions to it. For now, there are many different extensions that enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser and can, as a result, make marketers’ lives better.

We wanted to share some great news with our readers about our own extension – SEOquake. SEOquake has recently become multilingual. It’s now available in seven languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

We also thought that it would be great to collect a list of free useful Google Chrome extensions for marketers. In this SEMrush Chat recap, you’ll find over 30 different extensions you can add to Google Chrome for more functionality and features.

Q1: How many Chrome extensions are you actively using?

At the beginning of our chat, we asked our guests to share how many Chrome extensions they use on a regular basis.

Some people use just a few Chrome extensions, but want to learn more about other helpful ones.

The Site-Seeker, Inc. team pointed out that the number of extensions they use varies between members. The average team member uses around four or five extensions.

Annie from Miles Technologies ‏ @milestech said that she also uses four Chrome extensions on a regular basis. Nevertheless, sometimes she needs additional extensions to enhance the functionality of her browser.

Ana from Squirrly SEO ‏@SquirrlyHQ also uses four different extensions, even though she has more extensions installed.

Colt SebastianTaylor uses a few Chrome extensions, including Alexa, Grammarly, and Klout – which he finds most noteworthy.

However, some of our chat participants said that they use more than 10 or even 15 Chrome extensions. For example, Arnout Hellemans uses nineteen extensions.

JoMarie ‏ @JoMarieT has eleven Chrome extensions installed, but she also keeps another eight or nine extensions around just in case.

The social media and content marketing teams of Medium Blue use around six to eight Chrome extensions, depending on the project they’re working on at that moment.

I hope our readers are looking forward to discovering more helpful Chrome extensions in this chat recap, like FirstFound ‏ @firstfound: “I’m looking forward to discovering more useful extensions in today's chat.”

SEMrush Chat Recap Q1

On average, people use around seven Chrome extensions to modify the functionality of their Chrome browsers. Let’s delve into details and figure out what extensions marketers should use.

Q2: What are the best free Chrome extensions for social media marketers, and what should they use them for?

By using different Chrome extensions, social media marketers can expedite important daily processes like publishing content to multiple social accounts and other things.

Our chat participants mentioned several helpful extensions for social media marketers.

Pinterest’s Save Button. This extension helps you easily save creative ideas you find around the Internet. When you find something interesting or inspiring, just click the Pinterest Save button to save it for later.

BuzzSumo. The BuzzSumo extension allows users to get social share counts for any page they’re viewing within seconds. It also simplifies the process of tracking social shares, backlinks and top-performing content.

HubSpot Sales. Basically, HubSpot Sales helps you adopt a modern sales process. But it also enables you to see your target person’s company, title, social profiles and recent tweets. All these details are crucial information for your sales process.

Grammarly for Chrome. Many people love Grammarly, a proofreading tool for checking spelling, grammar, punctuation and even style. Grammarly for Chrome checks your spelling and grammar on Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and almost any other platform on which you write online. In fact, Grammarly helps you write better by offering synonym suggestions based on your the context of what you’re writing.

Facebook Pixel Helper. The Facebook Pixel Helper is a nice tool for detecting any problem with your pixels. Once installed, the extension will help you make sure your pixels are working properly and learn how to improve their performance.

Social Media Poster. Whenever you find something your followers would find interesting, you can post it on all your social media accounts with one click, using the Social Media Poster extension. It has the option of posting immediately, scheduling for later, saving as a draft, or posting selected text only. The extension is great for those who need to schedule their retweets.

Buffer. The Buffer extension allows you to share content from any website, webpage or blog post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with just one click. Sharing content has never been so quick and easy.

Klout. Arnout Hellemans has already mentioned the Klout extension for Chrome. This extension helps you share interesting content from anywhere on the Web. It also tracks how sharing content influences your Klout Score and adds it to your feeds on “The Klout extension [helps you] check on the health of your influence level across all social media,” tweeted Sergey Doudy ‏@sergeydoudy.

LastPass: Free Password Manager. The LastPass extension is a great tool for boosting your online security. It allows you to share access to a social network or a software account with your team members without actually telling them your passwords.

Evernote Web Clipper and Save to Pocket. The Pocket and Evernote extensions enable you to save an article or a blog post to read later. You can do this with just one click on a button via the extension.

Check out a few other Google Chrome extensions for social media marketers in the following recap!

SEMrush Chat Recap Q2

There are other Chrome extensions for social media marketers you might want to check out (split by the stage of your workflow where they fit best). And don’t hesitate to share which ones you use in the comments!

Q3: How can marketers improve their content marketing with extensions? Which ones should they install?

We’ve made a list of free Chrome extensions for social media marketers. Now it’s time to discuss what extensions can help marketers strengthen their content marketing efforts.

Our chat guests shared their tips.

Select and Speak. Select and Speak is a speech extension that offers a wide range of options. Most importantly, it allows you to translate text to speech. The extension uses the iSpeech text-to-speech engine with over 40 human-like voices in different languages.

Stylebot. Stylebot enables you to change the appearance of your website in seconds. You can manipulate your site’s appearance using custom CSS.

Keywords Everywhere. Keywords Everywhere is a tool for keyword research that saves you time by eliminating the need to copy large amounts of data from various websites and sources. The extension displays keyword-search-volume and cost-per-click metrics for multiple websites.

Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager. Todoist is a simple, yet very powerful task manager. By using it you can better collaborate with your team and keep track of your most important projects.

RiteTag. With RiteTag you can pick the right hashtags that will boost your content marketing efforts. For example, if you’re trying to choose between two different hashtags, the extension will show you the number of shares and visibility for each.

Our chat guests also suggested using the Chrome extensions that have already been mentioned when we talked about extensions for social media marketers, such as Evernote Web Clipper, Buffer and BuzzSumo. “I would recommended Evernote to bookmark and save pages. I find it an absolute Godsend!” remarked Andy Drinkwater ‏@iqseo.

Some of our chat participants believe that content marketing is all about relevant targeting. Varun Kumar suggested that using the right tools can save marketers time, help them create content and target their audience at the right moment.

Medium Blue recommended not becoming obsessed with extensions. Instead, you should select just a few of extensions that offer the most value in accordance with your content marketing goals.

“Extensions, like any tools, save time, and time is money. Use the ones that make sense for your online marketing goals,” advised ThinkSEM ‏@ThinkSEM.

SEMrush Chat Recap Q3

If you know of any other useful tools for content marketers, let us know in the comments. We would love to hear your experience!

Q4: Chrome extensions for SEO: which ones are absolutely essential and what are some use cases?

Now that we know which Chrome extensions can improve your content marketing, let’s learn about some helpful tools for SEO.

We made a list of free SEO Chrome extensions together with our chat guests.

MozBar. MozBar is an SEO extension created by Moz. It provides a range of valuable data about your website and its link profile for SEO purposes.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar. Just like the previous extension, SEO Toolbar by Ahrefs shows you important SEO metrics for any webpage you visit. You can easily monitor your and your competitors’ website’s SEO performance so you can make smarter decisions.

LinkMiner. LinkMiner is a broken-link checker that helps you get link and social data on any link on a webpage, export all links from a webpage and a lot more.

Redirect Path. This HTTP and redirect checker shows you the status codes and client-side redirects pointing out potential issues to your attention.

N.A.P. HUNTER! Arnout Hellemans also recommended two Chrome extensions for local SEO. One of them is N.A.P. HUNTER, which allows you to hunt down NAP data to improve your local SEO.

Microdata.reveal. This Google Chrome extension parses the currently loading page and showcases a tabular view of HTML microdata for the webpage.

SEOquake. We were happy to know that our chat guests use SEOquake. Our free plugin provides you with key SEO metrics and helpful tools like SEO Audit and many others.

Our chat guests mentioned a few other Chrome extensions for SEO. Check them out in the following recap.

SEMrush Chat Recap Q4

We would also love to hear what extensions you use to improve your SEO efforts!

Q5: What are the best free productivity extensions for increasing efficiency and saving time?

Besides Chrome extensions, there are also various other extensions that can increase SEOs’, as well as content and social media marketers’, productivity and save them time.

If you want to learn how to make your days more efficient, read the following list of helpful tools that our chat participants helped us collect. To start with, they suggested some tools that we’ve already mentioned, such as LastPass, Evernote and Pocket.

Let’s find out some other helpful tools for boosting your productivity.

OneTab. When you notice too many tabs in your browser, just click the OneTab icon, and all of your tabs will be converted into a list. If you need to access them again, you can restore all of your tabs at once or restore them individually.

Toggl Button: Productivity & Time Tracker. The Toggle Button Chrome extension enables you to track the time you spend on the app you use. The extension is integrated with over 85 tools, including Salesforce, Trello, Todoist, Google Drive and a lot more.

Momentum. Momentum inspires you to be more productive. It provides you with a personal dashboard that includes your to-do list, inspirational quotes and weather data. It helps you focus on what’s really important and reminds you of your goals and achievements.

StayFocused. StayFocused restricts the amount of time you spend on distracting websites. You just need to set the amount of time that you’re allowed to spend on unproductive sites. When that time’s up, the extension simply blocks your access to these specific sites, subdomains, paths, etc.

Hootsuite Hootlet. Hootsuite Hootlet enables you to easily share webpages from anywhere on the Web on all of your social networks. Find blog posts, visual content and quotes and then share them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with just one click.

Let’s sum up!

SEMrush Chat Recap Q5

As you can see, there are plenty of helpful free Chrome extensions for increasing your productivity. You just need to pick your favorite ones and add them to your browser!

Q6: For marketers working with global products, time zones are important. Which Chrome extension would you suggest?

Finally, we asked our chat participants to recommend any Chrome extensions that can effectively help marketers who work with global products.

World Time Buddy. World Time Buddy is a popular time converter. You can easily convert time between different cities, and plan and schedule online international meetings, conference calls and webinars. “We don't use it, but have heard good things about World Time Buddy,” tweeted the ThinkSEM team.

Easy Clock. This extension enables you to easily and quickly know the time anywhere in the world. You can track your local time, time in different cities, countries and time zones.

WooRank ‏@woorank

A6: World Time Buddy and Easy Clock #ChromeExtensions seem efficient to convert between multiple time zones #semrushchat

Cool Clock. Cool Clock is a Chrome extension that contains a lot of useful time-related features. The extension’s icon displays the current time. If you click on the icon, you’ll see an interface that showcases the current time, the current date and the day in a calendar year. You can also choose between 12-hour and 24-hour time format.

CoSchedule. Besides helping you create, publish and share content on social media, CoSchedule actually helps you get the most engagement from your social posts without the manual work.

TweetDeck by Twitter. TweetDeck provides you with a more flexible user experience by enabling you to view multiple timelines in one interface. It helps you keep up with new things happening on Twitter now and contains many nice features.

SEMrush Chat Recap Q6

As you can see, there are a wide range of helpful free Chrome extensions that can increase your productivity, save you time and strengthen your social media, content, and SEO efforts. Pick the ones that are best aligned with your goals and use them wisely.

We would like to thank everyone who made this chat interesting and productive and shared so many helpful Chrome extensions for marketers!

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