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The Ultimate Local SEO Checklist [Infographic + Guide]

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The Ultimate Local SEO Checklist [Infographic + Guide]

This post is in English
Nikolai Boroda updated
This post is in English
The Ultimate Local SEO Checklist [Infographic + Guide]

Together with Tim Capper, a local SEO pro from the UK and the founder of Online Ownership, we created a guide for local SEO specialists that describes every step of a successful local SEO strategy.

  • Do you know what business listings are and how to manage local citations?

  • Did you know that the Local Pack features Google My Business listings, not websites?

  • Do you know how to use structured data markup for your specific type of business?

You will find the answers to these and many other questions in our e-book.

In the infographic below, see the steps that you need to take to win at local SEO:

Local SEO Checklist

Eager to start local SEO right away?

Check if your business’s local citations are correct

Please specify a valid domain, e.g., www.example.com

What will you learn from our e-book?

Local Packs are different from other SERP features: to get into them, a company needs a Google My Business page. More than that, this page requires optimization that is different from the regular SEO optimization of a website.

The first chapter is about the holy grail of local SEO — Local Packs. You will find out why they are important, what types there are, and how to get into one.

In the second chapter, you will learn what business listings are, how to create and verify a Google My Business page, how it should be optimized to be listed in the Local Pack, and how to manage brand name citations.

More on this Five Ways to Improve Your Local SEO with SEMrush Post Nikolai Boroda The third chapter is all about your website optimization. In order to help your business rank highly in local organic search, your site should be healthy and reliable, contain the necessary local information, and have backlinks from locally authoritative resources.

The fourth chapter will teach you how to track the results of your SEO campaigns in your business’s exact location. Bear in mind that the search results will vastly differ depending on the location of the searcher; SERPs can noticeably change within just a few miles.

In addition to that, the Appendix of our guide includes 7 different templates for the structured data markup that you can personalize and use for yourself to help Google bots index your website properly.


Download our free PDF and get a step-by-step manual for winning Local Packs, gaining incredible visibility and driving local traffic to your website.

Preview: Local SEO Checklist by Tim Capper

Are you a local SEO specialist looking to dominate the local pack and earn the majority share of traffic? SEMrush has teamed up with industry expert Tim Capper, founder of Online Ownership, to create an in-depth guide full of insight into getting ahead in local SEO. With the help of Tim, this ultimate local SEO checklist e-book highlights everything you need to...

Consigue PDF gratis

Nikolai Boroda

SEMrush employee.

SEMrush aficionado. Fascinated by Google’s influence on SEO, PPC, the world.
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Dmitry Kotlyarenko

Provides valuable insights and adds depth to the conversation.

Awesome infographic! All you need to know about local SEO in one checklist
Red Spot Interactive

Either just recently joined or is too shy to say something.

Nice guide. Wish we saw more information on data aggregators though
Nikolai Boroda

SEMrush employee.

Red Spot Interactive
Thanks for the comment! Our ebook touches on the business directories and the way they collect information, it also shows SEMrush’s solution for managing citations.
If you have any questions that we didn't cover, feel free to ask!
Alexander Porter

Asks great questions and provides brilliant answers.

A wonderful representation of the stepping stones that become milestones en route to local SEO success.

Asks great questions and provides brilliant answers.

Tim Capper's ebook has covered the subject of local SEO in great detail. Every checkpoint positively influences a business' local SEO in its own unique way but reaches the ultimate goal of getting your website ranked in local searches. After reading the ebook, you'll understand just how you can achieve it. Great work!

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