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How to Get Links and Shares with Crowdsourced Content

Venchito Tampon Jr.
How to Get Links and Shares with Crowdsourced Content

Crowdsourced content is one of the easiest to create given that it only requires one good topic, contributors, and minimal time for outreach and promotion.

However, not all crowdsourced pieces can get the attention of its target audience. A few reasons why people are reluctant to promote an interview include a lack of interest, irrelevancy, and no relationship built between the content creator and target user.

In this post, I’d like to share with you actionable tips on how you can leverage the use of crowdsourced content to tap into your audience’s emotions, and get relevant and high-quality backlinks to your site. 

Topic Discovery

It’s vital that you pick a topic that can resonate with your readers. The more readers can relate to a topic, the greater likelihood they'll engage with and share it. For instance, my post about the current state of SEO in the Philippines covers a topic that people in the industry — specifically those in the Philippines — can relate to and discuss in the comments section.

Here are some places where you can get inspiration for your content on the web:

  • Community-based websites. Conversations with users who are interested to learn new things can help you identify the needs of your target market. Examples of websites where questions are frequently asked include Quora and Bright Journey.
  • Topic alerts. Use IFTTT to get regular email updates from HARO. Subject matters from this site can give you the latest industry updates where you can use as sources/references for your content. You can also try Mentions.net and Talkwalker Alerts to receive more niche-specific updates through email.

Targeted Prospecting

Once you've chosen your topic, you can proceed to finding influencers and bloggers to contribute tips/insights regarding the subject.

You can find interviewees through these methods:

  • Do a Google search to find past business-related interviews (either individual or group). Use this search query: [industry] blogger interview to see a list of authoritative interviews in your niche.
  • Social tracking. Use Followerwonk to prospect for the top social influencers in your sector who have their own personal blogs.
  • Start with an influencer. Grab his or her name and add the word “interview.” Then search the query in Google (e.g. [Name] interview).

Content Generation

The most common scenario once you have collected contributions from your experts is to hit the Publish button. Though the value it offers to the public is enough to make it stand out, there are still a few considerations to maximize its impact to the community:

  • Invest in design. There are cheap but highly skilled web designers you can hire to improve the format of your content. Also, ask your online friends for referrals. They might recommend someone who’s creative enough to enhance your content’s design.
  • Ask for feedback from experts whom you can trust. There might be blind sides in your content that you can change/edit to make it more appealing to your audience.

You need to understand the content marketing landscape in your industry to see the trends your competitors and other webmasters in your niche are implementing.

Link Building

A few methods can help you get your content in front of your target brand followers:

  • Share your content with your contributors. Don’t ask for a link, simply give the URL of the page.
  • Find round-up curators in your industry and let them know about your interview.
  • Prospect for relevant and highly valued links pages, and ask for a replacement of your link with the defunct link in the page.
  • Find relevant posts where you can get good links (type your keywords into Google). See if those pages are your competitors. If not, then reach out to them and ask for a mention.


Final Thoughts

Be creative with how you approach influencers to get their tips. Make sure you invest your time and effort to come up with a well-designed interview.

Author bio:

Venchito Tampon owns a link development agency based in Manila, Philippines that provides high-quality link building services to SMBs and enterprises. He is the author of the link building blog, DigitalPhilippines.net. Get in touch with him at @venchito14 or venchitotampon [at] gmail [dot] com. Venchito’s last article for SEMrush was “How to Get Backlinks Using Product Reviews."

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