Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss Global Marketing Day 2019

Mila Varavina

Oct 17, 20198 min read
Global Marketing Day 2019

We live in uncertain times for marketing and business. To succeed today, you need better ideas, better tools, and better techniques than the competitors in your industry. Updated strategies and experienced insights are what you need to protect your brand, grow your brand, and beat your competitors' marketing strategies.

The best way to learn and improve is from online marketing experts, but getting access to them is not easy. You can pay for consulting, but that can be expensive. Others are not readily accessible to those that find traveling difficult. 

At SEMrush, we considered all these issues and wanted the industry as a whole to have the opportunity to learn. That is when the idea of Global Marketing Day 2019 arose — the first of its kind free 24-hour online marketing event where you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the most successful and established marketers and SEOs in the field. And you can learn without having to spend a dime or traveling to some remote corner of the world. 

There are many reasons why businesses and marketers shouldn't miss this event, but we are going to explain only three of them:

1. Learn From the Brightest Minds in the Industry

At Global Marketing Day 2019, you are going to learn first hand from the industry's brightest and most experienced minds; those working for big brands like SAP, Lego, Microsoft, Uber, BBC, LinkedIn, WeWork, Outbrain, Vodafone, Unicef, and many more. 

This event is so much more than just another marketing conference; it is your chance to get inspired and walk away with practical strategies that will transform your marketing in 2019 and beyond.

Here are some of the speakers who can help you not only learn, but also light a fire under everything you have been doing on the marketing front:

The Dying Art of Brand Building (and How to Revive It)

In the year 2000, brand advertising represented 61% of ad spend; in 2018, it was just 46%, and it continues to shrink. This trend is occurring despite evidence to suggest that the most effective balance of long-term and short-term marketing hasn't changed. So why is this happening? And how can businesses break out of this vicious cycle of funnel draining, diminishing the effectiveness and lower return on marketing investment?

David will take you through the Financial Times' latest research, conducted with the IPA, into the organizational drivers of this marketing short-termism and how marketers can make a case for investment in brands. 

Falling in Love With the Problem, Not the Solution

The pace of change and the wave of new technologies it brings can leave marketing departments scrabbling to use any new tool that appears for insights. This can lead to a feeling of continually playing catchup and a messy, disconnected, patchwork approach, both with technology and more broadly.

The key to avoiding this is to fall in love with the problem, not the solution. You can do this by thinking big and creating a coherent end to the end-user experience, the Tangible Hypothesis. Then starting small and testing often. The Tangible Hypothesis helps the Marketing Department engage with the rest of your organization, breaking down silos and helping to bring about cultural change. Learn more from Ed, Oct. 29-30th.

The Power of Influence: Beyond the Social Media Hype and Driving Business

Whether you are in B2B or B2C, you should know that 55% of marketers plan to spend more on influencer marketing in the coming year. Just because everyone is getting into influencer marketing doesn't mean everyone is doing it successfully or for the right reasons.

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to developing, executing, and tracking an influencer marketing campaign. In this session, you will understand how to go from experimenting with influencer marketing to scaling a measurable, data-driven strategy. You will learn how influencer marketing impacts the customer journey, how to strategize so you can articulate ROI, how to optimize your programs, and you will learn the true power of influencers.

0-7 Million Customers with 0 Paid Advertising

Some of the best case studies in marketing are just as important to pay attention to. Chad will walk you through how Revolut, a financial technology company, achieved 0-7 million customers with 0 paid advertising. You will learn how they built and scaled a customer-focused marketing and communications strategy globally, helping the brand to grow a massive customer base. 

How to go from Campaigns to Experiments: Building a More Metrics-driven Marketing Department

A lot of the practices marketers follow in our data-driven world may not have any strategic value. Shanee will give you a thorough lesson on how to build a more metrics-driven marketing department. One of the biggest mistakes marketing teams make is thinking that the volume of content they put out, or the number of initiatives they spearhead, will result in an equal return. Real results are quantifiable — not just at the channel level or through vanity metrics. Marketing teams need to shift from Mad Men to Mad Scientists, prioritizing impact by focusing on hypotheses and experimentation.

At the end of this session, you will know how to maximize your team's impact on business, by focusing on the opportunities that matter most. You will also learn how to create a fully formed marketing hypothesis with meaningful KPIs that will earn respect for marketing from teams throughout the organization.

5 Things Agencies Need to Know About Working with Enterprise Clients

Are you ready to scale your business and get some enterprise clients on board? Luis is all set to give you some great advice. You will learn how agencies can work with enterprise clients like LEGO and how team structures and ways of working are essentially different from small businesses. From SEO to Paid Search across channels, he will explore how to integrate Search on the overall marketing strategy of enterprise clients, and how in-house teams work with agencies.

Standing Out When the Odds are Against You

The world of video marketing is already saturated, and if you want to engage your audience, focusing on viral content will hardly do the trick. Anyone or any brand can be a content creator, but standing out in an over-crowded space can be challenging because billions of videos are uploaded daily and algorithms control what the audience sees (or doesn't see). So how do you reach the audience in this algorithmic, video dominated age? Learn the keys to getting audiences to engage and why your goal should not be going viral.

Identifying Search Intent For Varied Audiences

How do you know that your page is meeting the expectations of the user? This talk will look at examples of visits to various sections of the BBC website, the search terms that drove visitors, and how understanding the users' search intent can lead to a better on-page experience. At the end of this session, you will know how to consider your audience's needs,how search results reflect needs, and the techniques you can utilize to make sure the right content is ranking.

2. Learn What Matters

The moment you join the event, you will be learning. Everything you come across will have unique relevance to how you do business or engage in marketing. The conference intends to keep the distractions — everything that doesn't matter — to a minimum. Each theme, lesson, and topic on the agenda is well-thought. The goal is to fill the 24 hours with ideas and insights that would help participants like yourself gear up for business and personal growth, making them the best 24 hours of the year. 

There will be no pointless discussions or unnecessary breaks. You are going to learn only what matters to your business growth through practical and hands-on sessions like:

  • The 7 Cs of Smart Content You Can't Ignore by Tania Mushtaq, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific and Japan at Dell Boomi
  • Let's Chat: Conversational AI’s impact to search and the SERPs by Christi Olson, Head of Evangelism at Microsoft
  •  The Trust Exchange - Brands, Social and Customers by Ken Madrigal, Digital and Social Strategy Lead at Verizon
  • Maximizing for Social Media: How to Repurpose your Content for Multiple Platforms by Cristy Garratt, Head of Digital Video and Social Media at CNBC International
  • How Marketers Can Create Brand Communities by Tim Salau, Global evangelist at WeWork
  • And a lot more!

Speaking about Global Marketing Day 2019, Olga Andrienko, the SEMrush Head of Global Marketing, said: 

From the world's biggest organizations, SEMrush is sharing the digital story of successful marketing. This is part of our commitment to being the leading force to drive the marketing industry forward. We strive to ignite change in the industry of professionalism, making good marketers become great.

3. Learn a Year's Worth of Education in 24 Hours

As powerful as it sounds, you could find out more about marketing in a day than many do by slaving over books for months. It is more than possible with 50+ top-drawer executives from across the entire marketing ecosystem, and all braced up and willing to take you on a trip around the marketing world in 24 hours. 

Better still, this event is laser-focused on marketing yet uniquely inclusive in itself. No marketer with a genuine hunger for ideas and insights has to feel left out, no matter where they live! Live-streamed from four cities, Sydney, London, New York, and San Francisco, Global Marketing Day 2019 will be welcoming every participant who aspires to make a difference in their personal and professional lives.

You can join the event from home, your office, your favorite restaurant — any place you like and any time zone you live in.

So are you going to join Global Marketing Day 2019 on October 30th? Register today, and don't miss your chance to learn from the finest and most established professionals in the marketing field. 

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