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Google Adwords coupons and promotional codes - how do you benefit?

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Google Adwords coupons and promotional codes - how do you benefit?

Google dominates in many countries at the moment and gets a huge amount of visitors each day. Google AdWords is one of the most popular pay-per-click advertising programs on the Internet. If correctly adjusted, it can become a valuable source for customers. So we’d definitely recommend you to try it for your business.

Many years ago, Google introduced their Google AdWords coupon system to attract additional advertisers. The idea is simple – Google gives you a certain promotional credit in the form of a Google AdWords promotional code, which can be used within your AdWords account and converted into money on your account balance.

Since the main idea here was to encourage new advertisers to try AdWords program, Google AdWords vouchers have a limited range of applications. You can benefit from those AdWords coupons if you are new to this program and your account is less than 14 days old. As an existing customer, you are eligible to use Google AdWords coupons only if “you enable a new feature or product in AdWords as specified by Google in the voucher.”

AdWords coupons are generally available directly from Google or through their partners. Many hosting providers and Internet marketing companies provide these promotional codes to their customers for free. You can also find these coupons across the Internet on various portals, forums, and blogs. According to the Google policy, AdWords coupons may not be sold or bartered, but some people still sell them.

Always check the reliability of the source from where you get your AdWords voucher. Some sellers provide expired coupon codes or vouchers that have been previously used. If you have any doubts – it is better not to purchase them. When buying your coupons, always request a money-back guarantee.

All coupons have a limited period of validity, so if you get it but do not use for some time, it will expire. Therefore, never purchase them very far in advance and pay attention to expiry dates of the purchased coupons.

There is no sense in purchasing several coupon codes at once, because you can use only one coupon per account.

There are several nominal values available, but the most common vouchers are for $75 and $100. Once you have created your new account and completed the billing details, you can activate your voucher. Click on the “Billing Preferences” tab and enter your AdWords promotional code when prompted.

Do not expect that you will immediately get the voucher amount on your balance. There is one more important condition to be able to benefit from those vouchers – you must accrue at least $25 within 31 days of entering your promotional code. According to Google’s policy, the promotional credit is applied to the account within about 5 days from the time your account reaches the threshold for accrued advertising charges. As soon as the promotional credit is applied to your account it will appear on the Billing summary page of your account.

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If you have your account in a different currency than the one in which your coupon is issued, you can still use it for your account and it will be converted into your currency, though Google AdWords Terms and Conditions slightly differ depending upon the country. So the best way to get latest information about AdWords coupons is to check Google AdWords Help online.

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