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Google AdWords Image Ads: Tips and Tricks

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Google AdWords Image Ads: Tips and Tricks

Marketers are aware that they can create image ads using Google AdWords. However, what they don’t know are the actual Google ad image guidelines they need to follow. When you are using AdWords, you have the option to create either a text ad or an image ad. The text ads are usually easy to create but when working on an AdWords image ad, you have to be more careful. You need to know the best tips and tricks for creating a Google image ad else you wouldn’t be able to achieve the results you desire.

Among the tips and tricks you need to know about Google AdWords image ads are

  • The correct size and quality for the image,
  • The network to use for posting the image
  • The information you need to include with the image,
  • The call to action, and
  • How to track your ads’ performance.

Learning about them will help you make the most of your Google banner advertising.

Importance of Google Image Ads

Clearly, creating a Google banner ad takes more effort, time and resources. Hence, you might wonder why you shouldn’t stick to using text ads. After all, they have proven effective over a period of time and you can get the results you want. However, when it comes to enhance your brand image, the image ads work wonders. Instead of just reading a few lines of text, the users actually get to see something related to your business. As they say, pictures speak a thousand words and this is true for Google ads banner.

Moreover, you can express your creativity and entice the visitors in a better way through the Google image ads. Having large images displayed on AdWords enables you to provide better value than a simple text ad. It gives the visitor a greater incentive to click on the ad which is what you want them to do. Yet, you have to make sure you create the best possible Google AdWords image ads to get the results you are looking for.

Tips & Tricks You Can Follow

There are a number of factors which determine the success of your image ads on AdWords. Covering them all when you are creating the ads reduces the risk of failure. Here are the tips and tricks you can follow for creating effective Google image ads.

Create Excellent Visuals

Your image ads need to have excellent visuals because they will be on display on the websites part of the AdWords’ Display Network. To get to those websites, the users are generally directed through search results or backlinks. Hence, the traffic to these websites is made up of people genuinely interested in your ads. You can ensure that they perform the desired action by making your ads visually appealing and eye-catching.

Use the Available Sizes

When it comes to Google AdWords image ads, there isn’t a dearth of image sizes you can use. The Google banner ad sizes range from 300x50 (mobile-based ads) to 160x600 (wide skyscraper). A great tip is to create ads in all the available sizes. You don’t have to do much except change the size using the tools available so this is a great idea. What this does is allow you to post the image ads on maximum number of websites as some websites have restrictions regarding image sizes.

Enhance Quality of the Images

This one is a no-brainer. You have to ensure the images being used are of a high quality and add to the attractiveness of your banner ads. In most cases, the quality of an image is dependent on its size. Hence, you would need to figure out the right size and quality of each image you are going to use in your ads on Google AdWords.

Track Their Performance

It is extremely important that you track the performance of the image ads you have posted. That way, you will know which of your ads are generating the highest number of clicks and conversions. You can then devote a larger chunk of your budget to the ads which are performing the best. This also ensures the steady stream of visitors doesn’t stop.

Make Them Distinct from Text Ads

This is another crucial tip you should ignore. You should try and make the image ads as disparate from the text ads as possible. This allows you to optimize the different types of ads separately and achieve better results. You cannot use the same optimization technique on both text and image ads so you need to keep them distinct from each other.

How SEMrush Can Help You

You might be thinking that following the tips and tricks for creating an AdWords image ad is hard work and will take a lot of time. This is true but you need not worry as SEMrush can help decrease the workload. You can use the tools available through SEMrush to create image ads and also review their performance over time. In short, the effort you need to put in for creating the best image ads for AdWords just got reduced considerably!

One thing you should keep in mind is that it takes time for your image ads to deliver the results you are looking for. Even if you have followed the tips and tracks for creating Google image ads, you still need to be patient. The results will come for sure if you wait long enough.

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