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Google Alerts is Dying: Four Alternatives for Mobile and Social Media

Asher Elran

Google Updates used to be a useful service to deliver updates based on customized search queries, but it is now on the verge of obsolescence. This user friendly alert service was a dependable source of information, but has recently faced many performance issues. Many speculate that Google will soon retire this alert service.

With Google Alerts’ predicted demise, there is now an open door for alternative apps. The following four Google Alerts alternatives should benefit the different needs of various users.


Mention is one of the more popular Google Alerts alternatives. This app allows users to customize alerts on a person, product brand, industry or business competitor. It delivers results in 42 languages from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, blog sites, forums, news sites and other web pages. Users can get notifications through either daily or weekly emails, plus it has a spam filter, which allows it to put alerts in your “Priority” folder. The platform allows tracking of a maximum of 500 results for three keywords per month for free. You can also get paid plans if you would like to track more.

Pros: API (Google never offered this with Alerts), dashboard statistics, real time alerts, supported on all devises, good coverage regarding multiple social media platforms.

Cons: Only a few alerts on each page unless you’re a paying member of $64.99/month. That’s a big jump from a service that we used to get for free.


Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker is a free service that functions more like Google Alerts. It allows users to customize alert queries. This enables you to choose the result type, language, frequency of delivery, and the number of results you track. For each result type, you can choose “everything,” “news,” “blogs,” or “discussions.” For frequency of delivery, users have the following choices: “as it happens,” “once a day,” or “once a week.” Results will be delivered to you through email or RSS. You can also import your current Google Alerts settings with this application.

Pros: Easy to use, good grasp on social media, free.

Cons: No API, still fairly new.


Social Mention

Another preferred Google Alerts alternative is Social Mention. It offers comprehensive search controls and filters including keywords, hash tags, top users, and sentiment indications. It can search through more than 80 social media sites, blogs, microblogs, comments, images, videos, audios, events, news, questions & answers and bookmarks. It also rates search results based on their strength, passion, sentiment and reach.

Pros: Friendly and east to understand, free, API is available.

Cons: Results are aggregated from Ask.com, not Google.


Bloomberg Professional

For financial professionals who like to get regular updates about relevant financial news, analytics, and other financial data posted on the Web, Bloomberg Professional would be an ideal alternative to Google Alerts. Users of this app receive alerts in real time using their mobile devices. It can search through more than 24,000 companies around the world with access to more than 360 financial exchanges, allowing users to make intelligent and well-informed business decisions. With each Bloomberg Professional package, users benefit from different tools and analytics including charts and collaboration with more than 315,000 influential decision makers in the world.

Pros: Very comprehensive in its market.

Cons: This tool is only for financial alerts.


Even if Google Alerts completely ceased to exist, you can be assured there are Google Alerts alternatives that deliver alerts and updates on any relevant information you are looking for.

Author Bio:

Asher Elran is the founder and CEO at Dynamic Search, a web marketing firm.

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Philip Schilling
Hi Asher,
We are planning a free alternative for Google Alerts with more results (Google Alerts seems to report only a fraction of the actual results nowadays) and with monitoring of social networks such as Twitter and Instagram for which Google neither delivers any or very few results.
Currently we are trying to figure out the demand for such a new alert tool. If you are interested, vote for it by signing up at https://socialhub.io/alerts/
Happy holidays,
Hmm... so it still exists ;)
But on the other hand, there are many new options on the market now a days. It's worth to try and compare, some of them are really good. I personally recommend using Brand24.net for social listening, real time internet monitoring and analyses. It's easy to use, pretty, efficient and really affordable. And you can try a free trial on the website. Worth to consider!
I think Google Alerts will not die because it validates the significance of the Google's Knowledge Graph.
You can also use webhose.io (https://webhose.io) do get access to live data from forums, news sites and blogs
Hey Asher, to keep you updated on our product: Talkwalker Alerts are now also available on HootSuite! To try it out yourself, simply install the Talkwalker Alerts app on HootSuite to monitor and share content the fastest way in one single platform. More info at http://bit.ly/1aW01hb - let me know how it works for you :)
Have you heard about GageIn? It is a much better product than Google Alerts plus more. Gagein is used by anyone whose job requires staying on top of events that impact prospects and customers in order to more effectively sell, support, and establish relationships. You should definitely try it out!
There is an api for the official google alerts here: http://coders11.com/googlealer... They have the code for php, c# and java. They also offer custom implementations and integration.