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Google Analytics Partner Gallery: What's New?

Amanda DiSilvestro

While Google has certainly done a good job giving small businesses the tools they need to succeed online, there almost always comes a time when you have a technical question or want to talk with someone in person. This is where Google Partners and Apps come into play. Now, Google has made it easier to find both by combing the two into one place where users can search — The Google Analytics Partner Gallery.

New features debuted this summer. Let's take a look.

First, the Basics: How Google Analytics Partner Gallery Works

The Partner Gallery is actually just a re-launch of the App Gallery. Although the App Gallery has been around for quite some time, many small business owners still aren’t taking advantage. It isn’t overly publicized anymore, but it’s still a feature that holds tremendous value if you need the answer to a technical question fast.

In the past you used to have to visit several different sites to find different apps and services information to help you with your questions, but with the new system, you have a combined view of both services (more on this later). The Partner Gallery now includes:

1. Services by Google Analytics Certified Partners. A certified partner can be an individual expert or an entire company who understand website testing, conversion optimization, and analytics. All partners go through a rigorous application process to get that partner verified badge.

2. Apps by Google Analytics Technology Partners. This is a list of applications that extend Google Analytics, or help make using Analytics easier or compliment some of their features. Again, these are typically third-party companies who have developed these apps as opposed to apps coming straight from Google.

You can visit the new Partners Gallery here to find both Services and Apps by Google Analytics Partners. Below is a screenshot of what the new page looks like. Notice that at both the top and the bottom you have a choice to choose either Services or Apps:


The New Aspects of the Google Analytics Partner Gallery

The new Partner Gallery features were just announced on June 24 of this year, and as discussed above, the biggest change was the fact that Apps and Services are now all in one place. This makes it easier for companies to find what they need faster than before.

A few of the other new features include:

  • A new look and layout;
  • New category selection;
  • Partners are now sorted based on your location so you can find offices near you;
  • More features available, such as screenshots and videos, to help show app features; and
  • Comments and ratings to review user experiences and show feedback.

The new layout makes it easy to sort through the different partners to help get you what you need, but the new location tool is probably one of the best. If you really want someone to talk with face-to-face, it’s nice to see who is in the area. This, however, is still only an option for the “Services” section and not the “Apps.”

As you can see in the screenshot below, I have the option to sort by location as well as by different categories. When I typed in “Chicago, IL” as my location, the most relevant partners popped up:


If you’re interested in becoming a Google Analytics partner, you can visit this page to learn about the requirements and the benefits. I also write an article here that explains how small businesses can opt-in to include Search Partners when buying ads through AdWords, which gives a detailed description of one of the major benefits if you’re interested.

Have you used the App Gallery in the past? What do you think about the new Partner Gallery? Let us know your experiences and your thoughts in the comment section below.

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