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Google Answer Box: A Useful Addition to the Knowledge Graph

Hardik Oza
Google Answer Box: A Useful Addition to the Knowledge Graph

As an avid researcher, I always keep an eye on Google’s behavior to analyze the way they keep on changing their search results.

One of the more recent developments to the SERPs is Google's answer box. I find it to be a useful addition by the search engine giant to enhance the accuracy of its search results.

But, before we dig into the answer box, let’s have a short intro about Google's Knowledge Graph.

Google Knowledge Graph was introduced by the search giant in May 2012. The actual motive behind Google's Knowledge Graph is the improvement of search results, thereby providing exact results as required by the user.

Eventually, Google incorporated an "answer box" result into the Knowledge Graph.

Here's an example of how the Google answer box works for a "what is SERP" query in the search bar.

SERP Definition

A few weeks ago, according to a Moz study, Google introduced a newly formatted answer box, which lead to a significant jump in the Google Knowledge Graph.

Searches with Answer Boxes

Image credit: Moz

This inspired me to do some digging. In short, I found some fairly astounding answer box results!

  1. "Warwickshire abbreviation"

On typing this query, I found that Google provided a direct result as well as some data organized into tables.

Warwickshire abbreviation search

  1. "fingerprint"

This answer box also includes images!

Fingerprint Search Box

  1. "founder of Moz"

Founder of Moz Search

Upon search of this given query, you get the direct result plus an integrated brand box, displaying the company's logo.

  1. "how much does apple cost translated in Spanish"

Apple en Espanol Search

When you enter this search query, Google returns with an exact result consisting of an answer box for language translation, saving you the time and effort of translating it yourself.

  1. "Gionee m2 screen size"

Google is even now generating an answer box incorporating of YouTube links which can clearly be seen as an image in the answer box.

Check out this Twitter exchange I had with Dr. Pete Meyers of Moz:

To conclude, I believe that Google's answer box is a revolutionary transformation by Google! The various different results provide better search results for user queries.

I hope you found this post informative and useful. Please share your experiences with Google answer box in the comments!

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Rubén Alonso
Hi! Great post Hardik! I'm triying to see the box clicking on your links but it doesn't work... Do you know why? It seems that after click it change the search to the spanish google with .es...
Hardik Oza
Rubén Alonso
Thanks for your words! :)

Here it looks fine to me but I think region may be the reason.
Just wondering what people can learn from this post. Semrush have their standards with the quality, as a reader this is very generic once. No harsh but just my 2 cents to pass Semrush Team :)
Kathleen Garvin
Marketing Geek
Hi Marketing Geek! We have a wide user base that includes new SEOs. As such, we include beginner-to-intermediate-level AND advanced user posts (like the one debuting a little later today) on the blog.

Thanks for your input.
Hardik Oza
Marketing Geek
Thanks Kathleen for your comment.! :)

@marketinggeek:disqus Thanks for your feedback. By the way you must understand that semrush is a reputed SEO community and they're well aware about their post qualities.

Feel free to pitch your ideas as semrush always looking to promote new and best topics. Here your name suggest that you're a marketing geek so you must have to go for it. :)