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Google Mobile Algorithm: Expectations and Analysis

Nancy Badillo
Google Mobile Algorithm: Expectations and Analysis

The news coming about the official implementation of Google mobile algorithm is creating great surge in the web design industry and will affect the search engine ranking of millions of sites already doing quite well. Google has announced that the new algorithm will officially release on April 21, 2015. The major query resulting from these announcements is the extent of impact the websites will face after the release. After the algorithm release, it is expected that websites having no mobile version will have to face exclusion from the mobile Google search engine rankings, but it will be interesting to see what additional impact it will have on your website visibility.

Google Announcement on the Mobile Algorithm

In the attempt to keep the webmasters informed about the changes to be introduced for enhanced mobile user experience, Google released an announcement on February 26, 2015. According to the update published on the Google’s Webmaster Tools Blog, the impact of the new algorithm will influence the organic search results of websites of all languages on the global domain. The Google algorithms affecting mobile will take effect April 21. The websites not having specific screen adjustments for convenient mobile viewing will be eliminated from the search results for these devices.

What Does the Google Mobile Algorithm Mean for Your Website?

If your website does not have provisions for mobile version accessibility by the algorithm release date, your site will be eliminated from the search results for the small screens. This means if 30% of your website audience comes from mobile devices, you will lose them in future to your competitors. Recently designed and responsively designed sites will have greater advantage on the search results following the release of the new Google mobile search algorithm.

Early Stage Preparations for Website Owners

While Google is set to bestow a powerful analytics tool to measure the quality of the mobile websites and place them on the SERP rankings, there are some early stage preparations you can make to increase your chances of staying on the current rankings (or take advantage of the new change to move higher). With barely a month of time left for the Google mobile algorithm release, there are plenty of actions to be assorted to retain the visibility on the SERPs.

Mobile Friendly Test on Google Webmaster Tool

Even if you have a mobile website at hand, it is essential to take Google's mobile friendly test. This will help to fix the various issues and errors including:

  • Problems with the CSS files
  • Blocking due to JavaScript
  • Technical issues with the content display
  • 404 error for mobile screens
  • Redirecting malfunctioning
  • Erroneous cross links
  • Slow page loading

The aforementioned and many other issues can be successfully tested to detect the major loops in the mobile website that you must fix before proceeding to the next step.

Website Speed and Performance on Mobile is Essential

Passing the technical test is only the first step. In the following stage, it is essential to take Google's speed test. This helps to detect problems with:

  • Inadequate flash elements on the website pages
  • Blocked scripts on the webpages
  • Issues with the website hosting
  • HTML and images on the website
  • Arrangement of JavaScript files

All of the above and many others can result in slow website performance on the mobile devices that also will be hazardous for the website rankings.

Consider a Website Audit

It is worth auditing your website periodically to track the problems that may result in poor user experience. With day-to-day actions, new updates and content changes, the website performance tends to decline after a certain period. Consider auditing your site to monitor the issues that may be slowing speed. As you prepare your website for Google's mobile algorithm update, you need to check the core issues, such as:

  • Whether you need to update the plugins
  • A need to reduce the image size without raising the chances of compromising the user experience
  • Verifying NAV structures
  • Internal link building
  • Load and performance decline due to the over accumulation of comments
  • HTML coding

Checking through these elements can improve the experience your website's audience, guaranteeing raised prospects of regular visits. The regular high-end website traffic presence is rewarded with higher rankings by the search engines.

Mobile Optimization for the Search Engines

Finally, it's time to adopt SEO implementation to improve your ranking for the mobile searches: the best strategy to help you comply with the Google mobile algorithm. Here are some mobile optimization strategies to help you rank highly:

  • Adopt a robust mobile site configuration program
  • Optimize your website for local search terms, semantic searches and long tail keywords
  • Include city name and address in the website metadata
  • Follow Schema.org to comply with the structured data for enhanced website speed and performance
  • Optimize your website for multiple keywords, use different synonyms for anchor texts and add impressive meta descriptions

Ever since the introduction of the algorithm structures, Google has been working through different areas of the Internet search results to improve the experience for the users. In the past, the Google search algorithms ads had created major moves in the way the different ads will be displayed on the websites and other platforms. The new algorithm implementation placed the ads in the niche competition higher not only based on the maximum CPC bids but also considered the keyword quality score so that the most impressive and high quality ads reach the audiences first.

Likewise, the new mobile algorithm introduction is also cause of concern for the webmasters. It's time to optimize your website for mobile searches, lest you miss the chance to get top Google SERP rankings.

Is your site ready for the new mobile search rules? Let us know about your challenges in the comments.

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