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Google Updates Got You Down? No Worries: Keywords Are Not a Problem for SEMrush!

Kathleen Garvin

Hello, and Happy Friday from SEMrush!

We've been getting a lot of calls and questions regarding the new Google updates, and how they affect keyword research. Our Tech Support Specialist Maggie has addressed these concerns today in the "News" section. To read the post, continue reading after the jump.

As many of our users are aware, Google has recently made some changes to the way it provides keyword and traffic data to its users. As a result, we've been fielding a lot of questions from our customers about how this is going to affect our ability to bring them the data they are accustomed to seeing. We have great news: it definitely won't! In fact, this change will make SEMrush even more useful than ever. Here's why.

First, the search giant has made a shift to the keyword planner from the keyword tool. Despite these changes, we will continue to bring our users the most accurate search volume, cost-per-click and competition data for all 95 million keywords.

Now, a lot of online marketers and Internet business owners have concerns over Google's decision to encrypt searches and move almost entirely to secure search. This means that when they are looking at their Google Analytics, they cannot see which keywords brought most of the traffic to their site.

One of the most useful functions of SEMrush is its ability to tell you which keywords are driving traffic to a website. Google no longer tells users what keywords bring traffic to their site, so SEMrush is more vital now than ever. Not only can you see what's bringing traffic to your site, you can see the keywords driving visitors to your competitors' sites, as well. Because of this, SEMrush remains the most powerful keyword research tool on the market.

If you have any questions about SEMrush, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us at 855-814-4510. We love hearing from our customers, so don't be shy!

Kathleen Garvin

Asks great questions and provides brilliant answers.

Kathleen Garvin is an online editor and analytics wrangler for The Penny Hoarder, the largest personal finance blog. She's also a contributing writer for I Want Her Job and started a beginner-friendly digital marketing blog, The Maroon House. Kathleen is the former blog editor at SEMrush.
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