Here’s Why Video Data Matters So Much

Megan Totka

Sep 27, 20162 min read
Here’s Why Video Data Matters So Much

The demand for online video content is rising at a staggering rate. An eMarketer report found that 100 million people are watching online videos every day and Cisco estimates that by 2020, 75 percent of all mobile traffic will be video. The content of those videos ranges. People aren’t reserving their online clicks for cute cat videos or viral commercials anymore – from how-to tutorials to live streaming user content from concerts, internet users are devouring video content and it has important implications for marketers.

These are a few reasons why video data is the most relevant kind to collect:

Campaign Guidance

The when and where of how consumers press play or choose to abandon a video should direct future campaigns and targeting. Each company implementing video content creation should know exactly what length, topic, and tone their target audience seems most receptive to receive. When a company can get to the heart of what makes their customers tick, they’ve really found a golden opportunity.

Better Audience Targeting

There’s a lot to be gleaned from the “who” of video clicks and reactions. Many marketers like to believe that it’s only younger consumers who prefer video content but research tells us differently. An Interactive Advertising Bureau study found that people between the ages of 35 and 52 actually like longer-form video content and 67 percent of that age group said they didn’t mind the amount of video ads on their smartphones and tablets. Whether reading a news article or interacting with 360 degree video content, consumers outside the “millennial” label are watching video ads – and you should know who and when.

Take a close look at the data behind what demographics are clicking your video content and you may be surprised at what you find. You should also do spot-clicking on the people who react to video content, either through social media likes or re-tweets or comments on the videos themselves. Who is watching your video content? How can you better accommodate those viewers? Smart video content delivery can help you better define what your audience likes and wants from you.

Messaging Flaws

When it comes to flat text or photo ads, the reasons why people don’t click or click-and-run are hard to determine. Was it an accidental click? Did the presentation scare them away? Was there another part of the webpage that effectively distracted them from moving forward with the ad? It’s difficult to know what is “wrong” with a particular message when all the data available is a single click. There are some more extrapolations to be made based on time viewed and if the user clicks on a call to action too. Generally speaking, though, there are limited opportunities for marketers to learn from traditional online ads.

Video ads open up that world of data in new and innovative ways, giving marketers next-level technology opportunities. If a large percentage of viewers are clicking away from the video at a certain timestamp, for example, marketers need to analyze why. If users get to the end of a video but don’t click on a call to action, marketers need better wording that strengthens and persuades. When marketers can patch the holes in their video messaging, they learn more about potential detrimental issues with other campaigns too.

Video content offers so many opportunities for marketers to connect with consumers. When paired with the right data, video content can change the success of a business’ marketing needs for the better and give consumers more relevant messaging.

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