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After The Holidays: 4 Key PPC To-Dos for 2015

Diane Pease
After The Holidays: 4 Key PPC To-Dos for 2015

The Christmas decorations are packed away (well, almost), the gift exchanges are complete and it’s back to work.

As we all have personal resolutions for the New Year, it’s also a good time to reflect back on your paid search campaigns. Now is the time to develop go-forward strategies to put your accounts on solid ground for the New Year.

Below are 4 to-dos you should do now to get ready for 2015!

Do a Deep Dive on the Data

Just as we like to reflect and review on our personal year, it’s critical to pull your data for an entire year, and not just for the last few months.

Looking at your annual data can provide insights on trends as well as seasonal fluctuations. For example, you may discover your conversions are consistently higher on the third week of each month for a certain campaign. Look at increasing your daily budget and bids. Conversely, if you have a campaign that is a consistent poor performer month over month, review to see if there are areas that need improvement, or if it should just be paused altogether. How is mobile performing for you? Does the data show that you may need to adjust your bid modifiers?

Getting a yearly review of your data can help make better strategic decisions. And don’t forget to put your settings back to pre-holidays levels.

Review and Clean Up Campaigns and Ad Groups

During the holidays, my kids and I clean out our closets to get rid of things that we don’t wear anymore. As with your PPC campaigns, the beginning of the year is a good time to do some housekeeping. Review keywords that are performing well — does it make sense to break them out into a smaller ad group with more targeted ad copy? It also may be time to pause keywords that are not performing or are showing a high cost with no return.

Once you complete your keyword cleanup, it’s time to review the ad groups. You may find your ad groups have more than 10-15 keywords, and you need to break these into smaller more targeted groupings.

Ad Copy Analysis

Along with your keyword and ad copy adjustments, it’s time to revisit the ad copy. You may find that once you have done your cleanup, you may find you have ad groups that need ad copy, or at least a bit of a facelift. Ensure you ad copy contains the keywords in the ad group, has a strong call to action, and incorporates site links and extensions whenever possible.

Landing Page Review

Last but certainly not least — recheck your landing pages. Are you seeing bounce rates that are high? Revisit the pages to ensure the messaging in your ad copy coincides with what is on the page. And re-review the page to be sure it is still relevant. Or — consider looking at a new more targeted landing page.

It’s time to make 2015 the best year yet for your PPC campaigns; here’s to a good solid start!

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Diane Pease is an Inbound Marketing Manager for Cisco, and has been in online and traditional marketing for over 25 years. She has expertise in SEO, social and traditional marketing, but her primary specialty is paid search and analytics. Diane focuses on providing clients with solid paid search strategies and seamless campaign execution. Her most recent contribution to the SEMrush blog was, “Paid Ad Search Copy: 3 Things You Might Be Missing.”
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