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How Difficult it is to Rank for a Particular Keyword

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How Difficult it is to Rank for a Particular Keyword

Picking Out the Gems in the Rough!

In today’s world, success is mandatory, especially in online businesses. When it comes to driving free and targeted traffic which is what everyone wants, Google is clearly the front runner. For this reason, SEO’s and online marketers look to rank their sites higher up in any measuring tool that Google produces. But the question here is: how difficult is it to rank for a particular keyword that you need? This article is going to be all about keyword difficulty tools and other options that an SEO can take advantage of while marketing their site on Google and other search engines.

The Parameters of Determining SEO Keywords

There are three known parameters to determine which keywords to be used for SEO:

  • What are the words that the visitors will have in mind while searching?
  • What are the likely keywords that the competitors would have chosen?
  • Which are the keywords that you feel best describe your site?

Keywords Difficulty Tools:

There is a widespread perception that the best way to obtain high search engine rankings is by deployment of the keywords. But most of them seldom realize how many sites are similarly competing for rankings with the same set of keywords – if not better ones. It is well known that the content of any page on a website is prepared with the intention to obtain high rankings and this is made possible by repeated use of the targeted keywords.

Try Different Keywords:

Well, it does cause heartburn when you realize that all the juicy keywords are already taken. Under these circumstances, it is always better to scout for other low-volume search keywords. There are different tools that will provide unlimited keywords and terms to increase the traffic to your site and therefore it is best to use all of them. Choosing more than one tool doesn’t mean you are going to waste valuable time. On the contrary, if you choose only one tool, you will certainly finish your research faster but that will not necessarily get you the right or good keywords. Having different results that each tool is expected to give will put you in a position to be able to double check before you start the optimization process.

This is where the keyword difficulty tool is most effective as it is used to analyze the competitiveness of a particular search term or phrase. This tool gives you a percentage score and provides detailed analysis of the top ranking sites. In other words, the keyword difficulty tool will help you determine how difficult it will be to rank for a particular term.

Making the Most of Your Adwords Account:

If you’ve been involved in affiliate marketing or Ad Sense, you probably have already received at least one free Google Adwords credit by now. For those who don’t know, Google Adwords is a pay per click program (PPC) that allows you to bid on keywords, and you only pay when your site gets a visit from the phrases you bid on. The more popular the keyword is (volume of searches), the more it will cost per click. You can view the Adwords ads by doing a simple Google search for almost any keyword phrase. The “Sponsored ads” are the ones that show up on the right side of the page or directly above the natural/free results.

Getting Free Adwords Credit:

When you get one of those free credits, it may be tempting to sign up with Adwords and use it right away. Many people make the mistake of bidding on their most important keyword phrases and use up the credit without even tracking their return on investment (ROI). Remember, the point of using Adwords is to make a profit. If you are spending money on keywords, then your goal should be to make more than that on your traffic. So before you go and exhaust your credits, you better workup a strategy after using a keyword difficulty tool.

Ending Note:

You may want to bookmark some of these keyword difficulty tools for the future use as well. They will be very useful to monitor possible changes on the keyword difficulty landscape. After you have optimized your site for the good keywords you have selected, it will be a good idea to occasionally recheck the keyword difficulty of the words or phrases you have already optimized for.

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