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How Google AdWords Editor Can Help You Manage AdWords

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How Google AdWords Editor Can Help You Manage AdWords

Do you have an AdWords account? The number of people signing up for Google’s keyword tool continues to rise day after day. The tools, resources and features offered by Google make it the perfect keyword management platform. You can discover the best keywords to use in your campaign and also find what you need to manage them effectively. This is why more people are starting to use AdWords and the trend doesn’t appear to be ceasing any time soon.

If you are also using an AdWords account, you would need some help with AdWords management. Despite being a straightforward and easy to use resource, AdWords is indeed comprehensive and requires some work on your behalf. Since you have the tools available to reduce the workload while continuing to achieve results, why not make full use of them. Among the foremost tools that come to mind for managing AdWords is the Google AdWords Editor.

The AdWords Editor is a supplementary tool created by Google to help people who are using AdWords. Even if they have achieved considerable success with AdWords in the past, they wouldn’t refuse any additional help they get. With the Editor, you get the option to make multiple wholesale changes to your AdWords account. Also, you can download your account to use it offline. The changes you make can be uploaded online later on.

Some of the ways in which the AdWords Editor can make life easier for you are:

  • Making changes to your campaign, including altering the ads, AdWords keywords and even the ad placements you are using
  • Conduct advanced searches through AdWords for finding the best keywords
  • Analyze performance metrics available through AdWords to judge the success of your campaign
  • Discover the cost to conversion ratio for your campaigns and take the necessary actions based on the results
  • Let others know of the changes you are going to make before you actually upload them

Using AdWords Editor for Managing AdWords

Here are some ways in which you can use the Editor for AdWords management.

Copy and Paste Your Campaign Materials

With the AdWords Editor, you have the option to copy the contents of your campaign, including the keywords, ad groups and also the text included in your ads and paste them elsewhere. For instance, in some cases you would need to save the same information in multiple places using the same account, often to create a backup. How this helps you manage AdWords is if you have multiple accounts. You can copy the information and paste it to any new account/s you create. You don’t have to do the work from scratch if you want to add more AdWords accounts.

Find and Replace Ad Text

You would have use the find and replace tool in Microsoft Word at some point. That allows you to find a specific block of text and replace it with some other text. You also get a similar feature with the AdWords Editor. When editing multiple ads at the same time, you can find and replace the text should you need to make any changes to them. Once you start using this tool, you find editing your ads’ text becomes much more convenient for you.

Analyze Your Campaign Performance

The Google AdWords Editor provides you a number of tools you can use to analyze your campaign performance so far. You need to know whether the amount of money you are spending on AdWords is delivering the kind of return you expect or not. Otherwise, you might have to invest more or curtail your spending on AdWords. The great thing about this feature is that you can analyze each and every component of your AdWords campaigns separately.

Creating a Comprehensive Keyword Database

Perhaps the most important of all the ways in which AdWords Editor can help manage your AdWords is with regards to the keywords you are using. In particular, you can manage the keywords for your different campaigns separately. For instance, you can have the SEO keywords in one place and the PPC management keywords elsewhere thus making it possible for you to run multiple campaigns simultaneously and effectively at that.

These are just some of the ways how Google AdWords Editor can help you with AdWords management. Not only will it provide the tools you need to enhance your success with Google’s keyword tool but also save you time and effort thereby delivering the results you are looking for in quick time. To boost your AdWords usage, you can employ another tool, SEMrush. SEMrush has a number of features for taking you to the top of the search engine rankings. Use the two in combination for keyword management and other purposes to make the most of your online marketing efforts. Plus, you will be able to generate a higher return on investment (ROI).

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