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How Negative Keywords Can Help You Raise The CTR Of Your Ads?

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How Negative Keywords Can Help You Raise The CTR Of Your Ads?

If you want your Google AdWords campaign to be successful, you have to realize the importance of negative keywords and learn how to use them in the best manner. The use of AdWords negative keywords is a relatively new trend that internet marketers are utilizing more and more.

The point to be noted here is that not everyone is skilled in using such keywords in their campaign. The time taken for this process is long, that is why negative keywords remain neglected in most online activities today.

This article will discuss the functionality of negative keywords and how you can use them to enhance your online marketing efforts.

Defining Negative Keywords

What are negative keywords in the first place and what do they achieve? Well, the name itself gives you the clue. A negative keyword is any search term that enables you to filter your target audience on search engines.

What happens is that you find keywords that have no use in your campaign and you list them down as negative keywords. Whenever internet users type those keywords in Google, your ads will not show up.

For instance, you are running a law firm that deals exclusively in bankruptcy. So, you can have “divorce” as a negative keyword, keeping your ads from being shown when irrelevant search requests are made. In short, negative keywords help you filter out who will ultimately view your ads.

Benefits of Negative Keywords

Primarily, negative keywords help increase your click-through-rates (CTR). Since your campaign will be directed towards a specific niche, you will not receive irrelevant impressions, i.e. internet users who aren’t likely to click at all.

There are other benefits as well. For instance, since your campaign is focused on keywords that are most likely to convert, you will be able to cutback your cost/conversion. With high CTR and target campaigns, you will ultimately receive higher Quality Scores, which will further reduce your campaign costs via lower CPCs.

Building a Negative Keyword List

Now that you know how negative keywords can help you raise the CTR for your ads, it is time to create a list of such search terms and phrases using Google’s negative keyword tool. When you are creating a negative keyword list, always remember that the words you include in the list will ultimately aid you in optimizing what people are searching for and what you are offering.

And before you actually compile the list, you will also have to determine how irrelevant each search term really is. An effective technique to achieve this is to categorize your keywords in the following manner:

Broad Match

This will filter out search terms that contain your keyword anywhere in the search query regardless of the order.

Phrase Match

This will filter out search terms where your keyword is included with the search query in the same order as you entered it.


Finally, this match will filter search queries that match the order of the keywords as you entered them.

The thing to be remembered here is that no negative keyword match category excludes misspellings and other spelling variants, like singulars and plurals. In order to hide your ads from specific users, it has to be ensured that they type in the exact same term that you have singled out as a negative keyword.

Finally, sometimes filtering out certain keywords can actually result in diverting potential customers away from your business. For instance, you are operating a bankruptcy law firm, so “divorce” would be a good negative keyword choice, since you don’t provide divorce assistance.

But what if someone searches for topics like, “How does bankruptcy affect divorce?”, or “Are divorced partners affected by bankruptcy?”

Your negative keyword list will filter out these searches, but it also means a lot of people searching for the keyword “bankruptcy” wouldn’t be able to view your ads. That is why it is necessary to judge the relevancy of each search term before deeming it as a negative keyword.

Hopefully, this article will help you realize the impact of negative keywords and how you can maximize your CTR using a good, comprehensive list of such search terms.

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