How Our Firm Uses the Semrush SE Traffic Price Metric

Adam Fridman

May 08, 20141 min read
Semrush SE Traffic Price Metric

There are many ways to monitor and analyze a digital marketing strategy, but not all are created equal.

At Mabbly, we must measure the metrics of all of our clients’ digital strategies, in addition to our own. So we rely on Semrush for one complete solution.

The prime criterion that Mabbly has found to be of most importance to us as a company, to our employees, and to our clients is the SE Traffic price metric. At our agency, we use it as a benchmark of progress. Here are three ways we use it. 


SE Traffic helps measure overall performance

Semrush’s SE Traffic price feature is the base for how we monitor progress at Mabbly. It’s important to measure our clients’ web analytics in order to quantify our success.

As a digital marketing agency, we’re only as useful as our results. The SE Traffic price feature allows us to see the penetration of our organic reach by showing how much that kind of exposure would have cost had we used paid advertisement. For example, if your SE Traffic price is $2,000, that means that you would have had to spend $2,000 in order to achieve the online exposure that you generated organically. Like most businesses, ours operates on value propositions, and this tool allows us to see and track those figures easily.

SE Traffic helps measure employees’ performances

The SE Traffic price metric perfectly summarizes a lot of data to concisely report the value of our digital marketing strategy. We use this to measure the success of the entire company, but also of our employees. A manager can easily see and rank an employee’s contribution to Mabbly and to our clients.

With distinct measurements of digital success, prominence and value of the services we provide our clients, each member of the team is held responsible. This also allows team members to self-manage, as they are capable of tracking their results and governing improvement.

SE Traffic helps clients measure performance

This feature also holds us accountable to its clients. Our clients are capable of seeing their quantified results by simply typing their URL into the search box on the Semrush homepage. The metrics keep the Mabbly team focused on our goals and results, and allows our clients to instantly see how our efforts — and their investment — are paying off.

On the other hand, it also makes them aware of any issues sooner so problems can be fixed and strategy can be updated quicker. In a time when the internet can seem like a black hole to some, Semrush’s SE Traffic price metric lends clients peace of mind and helps build trust via transparency.

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