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How thrifty of a marketer are you?
There are no right ?? wrong answers! Just answer with your heart! :)

When it comes to your budget, do you know how good you are with money? We know you better than you think! Take our test and discover which type of marketer you are.
How thrifty of a marketer are you?
Write your thoughts about this test :)

We created those articles to help you with strategy diversification:

What is every marketer in the world’s biggest dream? To get the best results with the fewest equity injections. The biggest struggle with every potential marketing opportunity is the price.

Marketers are left asking: Can I afford it or should I hold off? When it comes to budget distribution, you might think you only have one strong bet, right? We can help you determine which strategy is the perfect fit for your needs!

Preview: Online Marketing for a Small Business: SEMrush Solutions

Marketing a small business can be a real challenge as budgets and resources are often much smaller - nevertheless, measurable results are still required.  This guide aims to help those looking to market a small business no matter how limited the budget. Amongst other useful advice, the book explains how you can streamline your processes and effectively build a strategy that...

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