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How to Automate Your Sales and Promotion Using IFTTT and SEMrush

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How to Automate Your Sales and Promotion Using IFTTT and SEMrush

Hernan Vazquez
How to Automate Your Sales and Promotion Using IFTTT and SEMrush

Let’s face it. We don’t have as much time as we need. There’s always a new platform to be posting on, a new gadget to be using, a new Insta-Face-Snap-Tweet wave that we’re missing.

How can we find the time to focus on those things that matter the most? How can we stop being busy and start being productive? Can we automate much of the grunt work of SEO, content marketing, and social media managing?

While this isn’t a self-development post, it will show you how to automate your heavy lifting in a way that can still get you traffic, eyeballs, conversions, customers and lets you focus on what matters most: your business.

So YES! The good news is that you can automate most of the chores that takes up much of your time. And you can do this using two amazing tools out there: SEMrush and IFTTT.

So let’s see how this works and how you can apply it to your business right now.

Using IFTTT to Automate Your Promotion

First, let me ask you a question: Should you automate your social promotion?

You will post to many social media profiles using this strategy. And some of you might not be entirely sure about automating those kind of posts.

And that’s completely fine and understandable when you have a team in place, or a social media company that you can outsource your promotion to.

However, many entrepreneurs can’t focus entirely on this aspect of promotion or don’t have the resources to do this in the initial phases on their businesses. So how do you grab the benefits of being “all social” even if you don’t have a team in place? (And you don’t want to spend 12 hours a day posting kitty pictures on Instagram.)

That’s where IFTTT comes to play. IFTTT is an amazing free online tool that will allow you to automate your entire life. Not only your business day to day activities, and social promotion (as we’ll see below), but literally your whole life.

For example, you can tell IFTTT to send you an SMS every time The Weather Channel sends out a storm alert in your area. Or setup a recipe so that your intelligent light bulbs in your home turn on when it’s past 7 p.m. There’s an endless set of recipes you can program on IFTTT. And you don’t have to be a coder to make this work!

But hold on for a minute. Wasn’t the main idea here that I showed you how to automate your social promotion and content marketing using this tool? What this have to do with intelligent light bulbs?

After much researching and studying, my team and I have put together a strategy that allows you and your business to harness the power of IFTTT to automate your social posting and put your content promotion on autopilot.

Here’s how it works:


First off, you’ll need to open an account on It’s completely free and it will only take you a couple of seconds. Once you do that, you’re ready to start adding channels to the service.

These channels are basically your social profiles. These are the ones we usually use for this strategy:

  • Facebook Page
  • Google Plus Page
  • Twitter
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Wordpress
  • Diigo
  • Delicious
  • Medium

What happens if your company or your business doesn’t have some of these profiles? Go ahead and set them up. You won’t need to manage them or to even post content to them, unless you want to and the system will work even if you don’t have all of these profiles.

Now, once you’re done opening these profiles, you’ll need to activate them on IFTTT. You can do it on your Channels section. You’ll be selecting them one by one and then authorizing IFTTT to post to them.


Now that your channels are activated, you need to locate your RSS feed. In most cases, your feed will be located in This applies when you’re running a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc. Basically, your RSS feed is another way to present your content to the world.

This RSS feed gets updated every time you post something new on your blog. And we’re going to be using that feed to trigger the automation in IFTTT.

If you haven’t noticed yet, IFTTT stands for “If This Then That.” So the “If This” part of the recipe will be your RSS Feed, and the “If That” side of the equation will be your social profile.

This means that every time you post something new in your blog, your Feed will be updated automatically. And every time your feed gets updated, IFTTT will post the article in your social network profiles.

Use IFTTT to automate processes.Use IFTTT to automate processes.

The best part of this amazing setup is that this is done on complete autopilot. Once you setup the recipes on IFTTT, you’re good to go. You just need to keep posting articles on your blog and let IFTTT do its thing.

Here are the recipes we use to setup this strategy. You can make a copy for your own record or download it to your PC. That way you don’t need to setup these recipes one by one. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you.


Discover New Opportunities With SEMrush

Now that you have a quick overview on how the strategy works, let me tell you how to overpower it and discover new opportunities with SEMrush Domain Analytics Overview. As you can see on the graphics below, we can input any social media profile inside SEMrush and see how they have been performing in terms of Google’s organic ranking.

So for example, let’s say I want to use IFTTT to post to on autopilot. This will potentially give me the opportunity not only to get traffic from, but also to get those articles ranked in Google and get some powerful backlinks on autopilot.

SEMrush dashboardSEMrush dashboard

I can then choose to post to Pinterest using the same strategy. As you can see, at the time of writing this article, Pinterest have been gaining a lot of terrain and rankings in Google. That means that your pins will potentially rank in Google as well.

Domain overview in SEMrushDomain overview in SEMrush

This will benefit you in terms of traffic, rankings and backlinks. And the best part is that you’re doing this on complete autopilot. This technique is also 100% ethical and white hat, because basically you’re promoting your content to your social profiles.

Best Practices to Make This Work For You

These are some of the best practices we recommend our students to have in mind when using this strategy. You might want to apply them to your promotion as well.

1. Brand Your Social Profiles to Sell

There’s no point on using IFTTT to post to Twitter, for instance, if your Twitter profile is an egghead, or you have no references to your brand, your products or your links. This is an opportunity to bring traffic and awareness to your content and products. And the best way to do that is by branding your social profiles consistently and using them to sell.

Hernan VazquezHernan Vazquez

2. Important: Use Attribution Links

Most of the platforms I mentioned above will leave only a link or a bookmark to the posts in your blog. But some of them will copy the post “as it is,” meaning it will be an exact duplicate of the post that’s on your blog. How do you cope with this?

There’s a handy dandy WordPress plugin called “Yoast SEO” (maybe you’re familiar with it). This plugin has an attribution link option embedded on it. If you activate it and correctly configure it, you’ll be using attribution links in every post you syndicate to your social profiles.

Yoast SEOYoast SEO

As you can see below, this is how the attribution link looks on your post. That’s the best way of telling Google that the original article is in your blog.

Attribution link in post.Attribution link in post.

3. Interlink Your Social Profiles

This is also another powerful technique we teach our students. Interlinking your profiles will allow you not only to send traffic from one profile to the rest of your social network, but also to create something called “semantic validation.”

Semantic validationSemantic validation

This is just a fancy way of saying that your company or brand is all over the place in terms of branding and profiles. So even if you don’t have a team in place to run your profiles, you’ll be posting on them nonetheless. This creates authority in Google’s eyes and will allow you to rank higher and receive more SEO benefits.

4. Link your Articles Internally

You have probably heard about the benefits of internal linking for On Page SEO. This is a great way of passing authority and traffic from one popular article or page in your blog onto the rest of your website.

From this point onwards, you need to remember that every article you post in your blog will be syndicated using the power of IFTTT. That means that the blogging platforms that copy your post “as it is” will also be linking to your other posts as well. Here’s is an example of a post inside our syndication network.

Internal linkingInternal linking

As you can see, that post is also linking back to other articles in our website, since we have added those internal links to our original article. Use this to your advantage.

5. Use Rich Media

One of the best ways to promote your social content in your blog is by adding sharing buttons, call to actions and embedding your Tweets, your Instagram posts and your YouTube videos into your posts.

As you might have guessed already, using this strategy will allow you to promote your social posts not only in your blog, but also in the rest of your syndication network. Every time you embed a YouTube video on your blog, you’ll also get it syndicated across many properties. This is an example of a blog embedding a YouTube video because we did so in our original post:

Rich mediaRich media

As you can see, this is a super powerful strategy. Not only in terms of promotion, awareness and traffic, but also in terms of SEO. Combining IFTTT to automate your posting with SEMrush to discover new targets to post to can literally propel your business to the next level.

Leave me a comment below if you have doubts or ways of making this better! I’d be thrilled to answer your questions.

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Hernan Vazquez is an entrepreneur, SEO and digital marketing expert who focus on bringing results to clients and students by researching and applying the latest marketing and sales funnels techniques that work. He's the co-host of Humpday Hangouts, a live and open SEO Live Q&A, which takes place every Wednesday at 4 PM EST. He's also big into helping other fellow marketers and entrepreneurs through his YouTube channel, where he uploads techniques to increase revenue, get more customers and grow subscribers and fan bases.
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Very useful idea. Might save some time. Excellent article. Thanks.
Stijn Vogels
By setting up an echo chamber like this, aren't you just creating low-value backlinks that will hurt your site more than you can gain? I truly have second thoughts about a strategy like this. By automating your postings on social media, you are in essence downplaying the value of interacting with your fans. It doesn't seem authentic.
Hernan Vazquez
Stijn Vogels
Do you really think Tweets and Google Plus links are low value? I'm not saying this strategy should be replacing your social media outreach/organic strategy, at all. Just saying you can save some time and actually get a positive ripple effect on some networks that you're not currently leveraging.
Stijn Vogels
Hernan Vazquez
Overall links on Twitter and G+ can be a good addition. My argument is the danger of clear link spamming. Surely algorithms are smart enough to detect this. Saving time on one end will probably cost you something elsewhere. My experience tells me your quality will suffer. Shortcuts don't cut it.
Steve Smith
Excellent article Hernan. Thank you for sharing that information.
Hernan Vazquez
Steve Smith
Thanks to you my friend!
I was using IFTTT for quite sometime . I have few questions like do you configure the attribution link to "Dofollow" in the RSS or you leave it as it is.

Also Is there any way How we can schedule the syndication ? ...Say the Blog Post should be syndicated to Web 2.0s after 5 days from publishing the post in the Money Site. Why I need this is I found few of my post in web 2.0 ranked higher than the money site and got indexed earlier even after giving the attribution. So Scheduling the syndication after the money site post gets indexed would be a better option.
Please share your wisdom.
Hernan Vazquez
I do set it up as Dofollow on Yoast settings, but you need to hack the code. Regarding syndication, you can't with IFTTT, but you can with plugins like Social Network Autoposter.
Russell Lobo
Another excellent post Hernan, I liked the tips of how you get more power from your IFTTT network profiles by adding the attribution link to the post in Yoast :) I'm bookmarking this article and sharing it on my group. Cheers :)
Hernan Vazquez
Russell Lobo
Thanks a lot my friend! Appreciate it :)
Greg Drebert
You crushed it +Hernan with this amazing in depth article. People don't quite get the power of what your teaching, but Ive seen it in action, and it blows my mind! Everyone, you can take the starter course called IFTTT 2.0 and learn alot more.
Hernan Vazquez
Greg Drebert
Boom! Thanks for commenting my friend!
Hernan Vazquez
I agree - not sure if this add any value in terms of backlinks and engagement. I also did not understand the purpose of this post. I thought I would get recipes but post flows in a weird way and author adds a pdf which directs you to his website and gives you a weird google doc - where are the recipes? Wasted 30-40mins
Hernan Vazquez
Erkan Yildiz
Let me put the link here for you: and then Hope it makes more sense for you now.

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