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Elena Terenteva

How to Combine Social and Content to Earn Visibility in Search #semrushchat

Elena Terenteva
How to Combine Social and Content to Earn Visibility in Search #semrushchat

Hello dear SEMrush blog readers!

Content and social media both are integral parts of a digital marketing puzzle. What impact can they have on a SEO strategy? What is the best way to blend them together to boost your search visibility? How can you gain user-generated content and benefit from it? Let's find out the answers together with our Twitter chat participants!

Amplify content after publishing

You’ve seen your content grow clearer step by step, become more detailed, and, finally, you flesh out into a full-fledged publication. Now your idea has developed into something that people can see or read. So what’s next? How can you make your content work after it’s gone live?

Creating fabulous content is only half the work – no one will know how useful or entertaining it is if people simply don’t see it. To get your content noticed, you need to spread the word about it. 

No man is an island; it is difficult to do everything on your own. Reach out to people that have contributed to your content creation, those you’ve mentioned or linked to. Let them know about your post, show your gratitude, and they will be glad to share it with their followers.

One of the best ways to engage an audience is to start up a conversation. Ask questions, invite discussion and always reply to comments.

A single share may not be enough. Social media provides so many posts and shares per day – and even per hour – that your content can easily get lost. To reach the audience that might have missed your post, “remember to share it again after a few days,"  as Pablo López ‏@popiplo  recommends. This works especially well with evergreen content like tutorials, guides and how-tos.

So, discovering an interesting idea and turning it into compelling content isn’t enough for success. Even the most brilliant piece of content may not be effective without promotion. Content is the king, distribution is queen Thanks for Cherry Kwan @kwanstaa for sharing the image! Content and social media impact on SEO These three fundamentals of marketing are closely connected: a good content strategy delivers useful or entertaining information, social media helps to promote the content and SEO ensures people will find your content through search engines. Let’s take a look how your content and social media strategy can impact your SEO.

How social media impacts SEO Google-Twitter deal Recently, Twitter and Google have formed a partnership, giving Google access to Twitter’s firehose. As a result, tweets are indexed and appear in Google – at the moment, only on mobile devices, but the desktop version is coming soon. So how can marketers take advantage of this deal?

From now on, the visibility of Twitter content will increase dramatically, and this can directly improve your SEO. The firehose deal offers lots of opps. #Keywords & #hashtags in your tweets could appear in #SERPs, magnifying #SEO reach.Medium Blue ‏@MediumBlueSEM.

Moreover, with tweets showing up in Google results, you have the opportunity to reach users who do not have Twitter accounts, thus expanding your audience.

Users receive so much content at any given time that they simply may not notice your tweet. It appears in front of their eyes for only a couple of minutes and then is forced out with fresher content. “You only have a few minutes to reach your people on Twitter. With G indexing them, that time is expanded via SERPS,” according to Patrick McKeown ‏@pjmckeown. And now your old tweets can show up in search results.

Another essential point: the indexing of tweets can drive traffic to your website, especially if you optimize the content you share on Twitter.

To make sure that your content reaches a global audience; you can engage top-niche influencers and convince them to share it with their followers.

Without any doubt, the Google-Twitter deal will boost the popularity of Twitter. But, this doesn't mean that obsessing over Twitter and ignoring other aspects of your promotional strategy would be a good idea!

Content marketing and social media resources One of the biggest challenges a marketer faces is the constant invention of new content ideas. Luckily, there are numerous tools that a content marketer may call upon for help if they need inspiration.

If you’re looking for real-time hot topics, Twitter is a goldmine of fresh topic ideas.

Probably the most popular RSS reader is Feedly, an awesome tool for both finding topics you’re interested in and organizing them into different categories. The paid version of Feedly also allows you to connect it with other tools – for example, Evernote.

Every piece of content that you create, you do so for your users, both real and potential ones. That’s why to make it catchy and engaging, you need to know exactly what your audience is interested in, which problems they face, and which issues they are concerned about.

Google Trends is another great tool for keeping abreast of what your targeted audience is discussing right now.

An awesome resource for getting inspiration is Pinterest, as it offers tons of killer infographics and visual content.

Useful content strategy tips

Now let's take a closer look at content strategy. There are some simple rules to improve your efforts, yet not every marketeer remembers to use them.

Recipe for a killer content marketing strategy

User-generated content

User-generated content is actually created by your customers, by those who know and respect your brand. And who can tell the world about your brand better than those who actually love it? There are various ways to gain user-generated content. “You can curate others' content; ask for guest bloggers (asterisk); interview clients/pros/etc for blog posts, etc.” - ThinkSEM ‏@ThinkSEM.

Why is the content generated by your users so valuable? No one can deny – content creation requires a lot of time and resources. And to satisfy the needs of both your customers and search engines, you need to produce new content as often as possible. And when you run out of fresh ideas, your customers will come to the rescue.

As we’ve already seen, it is impossible to underestimate the role of content promotion. And people will voluntarily share a piece of content if they were involved in its creation – they’ve spent their time on it, so they obviously want others to see it. “Users LOVE #UGC - they share it more, they'll engage with you more in the hopes of having their content picked up”, says Diana Mackie ‏@Diana_at_Work.

User-generated content creates trust for your brand, which is essential for every business. Even the most brilliant advertising campaign launched by a brand itself may be received with skepticism, while a simple, positive review from a real customer may prove a brand trustworthy.

Besides brand-building, customer reviews have a positive impact on your SEO.

So what can you do to inspire users to create interesting content around your brand, to write positive reviews and recommendations? The answer is as simple as A-B-C: you should offer your customers a truly valuable and useful product. This will serve as the best possible motivation!

Feel free to share your ideas in the comments, and we hope to see you at our next Twitter Chat on June 3rd!

Special thanks to the following participants for their tweets, that we used in the images:

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Elena Terenteva

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Elena Terenteva, Product Marketing Manager at SEMrush. Elena has eight years public relations and journalism experience, working as a broadcasting journalist, PR/Content manager for IT and finance companies.
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