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How to Conduct Your Own Local Homepage Audit

Chris Marentis
How to Conduct Your Own Local Homepage Audit

It’s not easy dominating online internet marketing. It’s a complex world with many players and many moving parts. Those who get ahead and stand out though, don’t wait and wonder what might happen. A simple audit of your website can make all the difference. But instead of breaking down every single page and scrutinizing it, why not go back to the basics of website design?

What do users first see when they visit your website?

It’s not meant as a trick question. More often than not, this will be your homepage. By conducting a homepage audit, you can get a good idea of how well the rest of your site is performing. Also, a few fails could indicate that you have a lot of work to do before you should start more advanced national or local internet marketing campaigns.

Here are a few recommendations to get you started.

1. The Wrong Site Redirect

Even experts at times get a site redirect wrong. Plus, redirecting your homepage isn’t ideal in general so it’s best to avoid homepage redirects unless it’s necessary. If you do, make sure your site can pass a 301 code redirect. Ensuring your URL goes to the correct homepage is the first item of business for obvious reasons. You need online visibility, and users need to be able to find your homepage.

2. Written Content Counts

Search bots cannot see your great images or video content. Therefore, you need to have the right text on your homepage, and have it enhance the overall quality of your site.

The text-only version of your site should have your business name, phone number, address and industry, just to name a few. Keep it simple for the sake of search engines. Also, a few clever keywords and some great written content never hurt.

3. About Phone Numbers and Contact Info

Make sure search engines can easily detect that your phone number is actually a phone number. Spammy forms of numbers such as 8675-3Oh9 might seem clever and eye catching, but they are not good for SEO.

Stick to formats that work. Make Tommy Tutone proud by listing the number in a standard format such as (555) 867-5309 or 555-867-5309.

4. Are You Mobile-Friendly Yet?

It’s past time for you to get on the responsive web design bandwagon. If you are not mobile friendly yet, you should be. Smartphone and tablet users need to be able to view your site. These are the devices people are turning to for online search. Google has figured it out. National and local internet marketing experts have figured it out. You need to figure it out ASAP.

5. Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and Link Building

Classic SEO tactics have not gone anywhere. Optimize your homepage title tag, and dig a little deeper to optimize your homepage meta description tag. Figure out exactly how to describe the business. After all, it is a homepage, not a GEO page or a service page. Be specific, and focus on relevancy. Plus, link building is still one of the most important parts of SEO. Give users a better experience by displaying relevant links on your homepage instead of hiding them in the back of a blog. The search engine spiders like links, and so do users.

6. SEO for National and Local Internet Marketing Campaigns

SEO can seem hopelessly complicated. It is important to go back to basics periodically. If your homepage is not up to par, your entire online marketing strategy can collapse. Take a day to complete a self-audit, and make necessary improvements as needed.

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Chris Marentis is the Founder and CEO of Surefire Social, a provider of local digital marketing services and technology. With a coaching-centric approach, Surefire Social raises businesses’ local search presence through hyper-local search, display, social and mobile strategies.
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Thanks Chris! Sometime folks (myself included) get so lost in the advanced performance metrics that we lose site of the fundamentals. Akin to an NFL player that is making arm tackles when he should of learned these techniques in the pee wee leagues