Do you have an event that you need to promote online?

If you own a local business, optimizing your rankings in the search engines is a never-ending procedure. Google incessantly apprises its algorithms, making it hard for you to uphold the rankings you have earned over time.

Google’s 2014 Pigeon update has affected tons of local businesses. The local landscape is forever changing and there is a clear sign that a local business should keenly prepare for whatever might come next.

Local SEO is even more serious for brick and mortar businesses. The businesses that are ahead of the curve or have a great SEO agency working for them have found that hosting events is a great way to establish and maintain their rankings in the local search results.

Why Host a Local Event?

Hosting an event for your trade is a simple way to construct consciousness within your community. More highly, while it comes to SEO, local events aid you in building citations online for your business, making it easier for customers to find you.

Local news and community websites in your city often post statements for local events. Listing your commercial name and address in addition to contact phone number in pertinent websites will subsidize your diverse link profile.

Plus, these types of news and community websites are typically high-ranking websites that tend to direct consumers back to you.

An event could also generate positive online reviews for your business. These reviews have converted a significant way for search engines to find dependable resources to offer to their users.

Here is a client of ours that we helped to take advantage of local event strategy as it came available. You can see the immense benefit that it had back in May 2016. These types of backlinks were from event websites that had an average domain authority of 60 and sites that got at least 100,000 visits per month.

Do you see the value of event submissions as a link building strategy?

Local Event Strategy in SEMrushLocal Event Strategy in SEMrush

Advertise Your Event

Hosting an event offers your business exclusive marketing opportunities. You’ll expose your brand to attendees in addition to gaining manifold listings of your business throughout diverse online marketing channels.

The first step, however, is to promote your local event on your website by giving all the pertinent info to your audience. This comprises the name of your event, which must be exclusive and unforgettable, together with the date and time.

Comprise a captivating summary of the event, so attendees can distinguish what to anticipate. Use pertinent keywords and info that matches your references in Google’s local search.

For example, we currently work with a youth basketball organization which wanted to rank for the keyword phrase “youth basketball camps + city.” We executed on-page SEO and used the targeted keywords on the event page of our client’s website in conjunction with those same keywords within the event submission.

Social media can be used beforehand, during, and after your event to further promote your business. Generate a hashtag for users to follow your event, and include it in all of your advertising campaigns. A great resource for hashtag creation is the Hashtag Generator.

SEO for Local Events: Most Effective For...

There is an immense list of event types that any local business can host to assist in building its brand and improving its local search rankings. Here are a few event types that could increase your local business’s visibility online and add value to your community.

Charity – Hosting a charitable occasion is a great way to give back to your community and build the online presence of your business.

Education – Providing a free course offers you a way to empower others over other expertise in your niche. It’s a great method to let others see firsthand what you do best.

Grand Opening – Rejoice your trade with a grand opening occasion. It will present you to your local community and aid others to become accustomed to the value you that your business can provide.

Holiday/Season – Use special holidays or seasonal themes as a principal point for your next occasion.

Service Event – Service events are best used when you are providing a service to the community on a specific date and time. This can definitely increase your brand’s awareness especially if you are providing a service that is valuable.

Hosting local events is one of the best ways for you to enhance your local SEO.

As Google continues to update the methods in which it offers results to its users, industries like yours will continue to implement novel ways to upsurge rankings plus visibility.

Local event SEO marketing provides you a powerful method to upsurge awareness, increase your expertise and get more links pointing back at your website.

Whether you have a distinct store front or are a nationally chain, a local SEO approach is key to driving more business through your doors.

Hiring an SEO agency or consultant to optimize precise parts of your website will increase your prospects' probabilities of finding you in local search results and generate long-term business.

Event link submission isn’t the only way to drive local traffic to your business, there are a ton of other link opportunities such as citations, niche directories and more.

On-Page SEO Signals

Here are some on-page signals that you must use when it comes to ranking locally for the keyword phrases that represent your business and the services that you provide.

1) Set Up Your NAP

You have to make it easy for potential customers and search engines to find you. To do this, set up your NAP – which stands for your business’s name, address and phone number (with area code). 

The key here is being consistent with your business’s NAP across the web. 

2) Make Location Pages

Generate location pages if you have that as an option for your business. Location pages allow readers to take a deeper dive in to your business through your NAP, unique store descriptions, store hours, parking/transit info, promotions, testimonials, etc. 

If your event is in a specific town in your city, don’t link to the homepage, link to that location page.

3) Publish Local Content

Be the local specialist for your industry – I would recommend you publish blog content frequently. (Set up a business blog if you don't have one.)

Promote local business gatherings, news, workers and other instructive content on your blog. Think of top-of-the-funnel content that goes outside what your industry sells.

Local Profile Pages

1) Google+ and Google My Business

Setting up a Google My Business property is pretty important. The Google My Business dashboard is a great way to manage all of your Google properties in one place – such as Google +, Google Analytics and AdWords.

I find it helpful to think about Google My Business as the connection between you and your Google “local search” presence.

As we all know, positive reviews are very important and Google will display your reviews from Google+ in the search results.

If you create a Google My Business property first, it will automatically create a Google+ page, so there is no need to go and create another Google+ profile separately, which transitions to my second point.

2) Eliminate Duplicate Listings Using Google Map Maker

Duplicate listings can be communal as multiple workers may generate a novel listing not knowing one exists already.

Avoid diluting links with several Google+ profiles or local citations by using the Google Map Maker or a simple search in Google with this advanced search query – “”.

There are a variety of negative outcomes that result from the presence of duplicate listings. Duplicate listings detract your local business's ability to rank well and win customers.

Moz provides five reasons why duplicate local listings for your business isn't a good thing! 

Local Citations

Citations are diverse – they are mentions of your business’s NAP. Not all citations comprise of a link or have a do-follow link.

However, citations plus external links are both significant for your off-page local SEO and can still drive quality customers to your business.

1) Validate the Consistency of your NAP Across the Web

Again make sure your business’s name, address, phone number is the same across all local citations, this is vital for your local SEO success as mentioned above.

For example, we see businesses that have changed their phone number, partnered with another business and the business’ name changed, or the business’ physical address has changed, and guess what? On the web, their NAP doesn’t automatically update with what is happening in their business.

I’m not affiliated with the following tools but we definitely use them at Organic Clicks, LLC for our local clients. They are great for local citation acquisition and citation monitoring.

  • Whitespark (local citation building service)
  • BrightLocal (local citation building and monitoring service)

2) Earn Local Links

Another method to advance your local search existence is by getting links from a local source. You have slightly less control over this type of link, but the key is in the term "earn."

Making content worth linking to is the tried-and-factual method of receiving eyes on the internet.

Here is a list of the type of content that could earn you some local links and social media shares (don’t forget to share this information on your website first):

  1. Create controversy and get in the news – this is a sure way to get some press
  2. Offer a scholarship to students in your local community
  3. Sponsor an event, cause, organization or group
  4. Create a local resource that is valuable to out of town visitors (i.e., a guide to the top 10 things to do in your city).
  5. Win awards for your customer service and the great value you provide
  6. Create a press release about a new service or product and have it distributed across new channels.

Finally, set up a devoted page on your website for your events or news. This will assist people in finding more info and will provide external parties – like news outlets – a place to direct traffic.

Make certain to comprise the following on your page: event name, date and time, location (preferably your store), a short event description and your contact info.

Have you tried engaging your local community with events? What results did you get? Let us know in the comments.

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