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How to Create Data-Driven Content That Drives Millions of Visitors: Bonus Strategy

Roland Frasier
How to Create Data-Driven Content That Drives Millions of Visitors: Bonus Strategy

In part I of my four-part series about creating high-traffic, data-driven content, I discussed making content to match your audience. In part II, I looked at creating content about trends and events. This segment focuses on creating content using solid topics and strategies that work. Part III includes tips for finding topics and creating content around solid, existing topics and backlinks. In addition to the case studies

BONUS STRATEGY: Create Content To Acquire High-Value Links

The first three strategies presented above account for creating about 90% of the total content on our sites. So, what do we do for the remaining 10%? We do data-driven research to determine opportunities to acquire high-value links like .gov and .edu that are typically very difficult to obtain. This is a simple strategy that is solely designed to go and get high-value links.

If you’re using SEMrush, just follow the steps in Strategy 3 to find all of a competitor’s backlinks. Export the list just like in Strategy 3, and then use Excel’s “find” feature search the complete results for high-value links from .edu and .gov. Filter out all the non-governmental links and you’ll be left with a great target list like the one below.

We did this for a real estate site that competes with one of our portfolio companies and found lots of great government links that we could get for our own site like the one below where Ft. Launderdale gave a link in exchange for being given an award that any site (including ours) could give. See below.

Currently, the process of sorting through all the backlinks from a backlink export is a bit time consuming, so hopefully SEMrush will add a feature that identifies the number of different types of backlinks like .edu and .gov sometime in the near future. Ideally, you would see the number of .gov and .edu backlinks in the Backlinks Report summary and be able to click on the number and be presented with a list of those types of backlinks like some other programs do.

Strategy 4 Summary

Step 1: Identify your competitors using the Competitors


Now you’ve seen four complete strategies that you can use to drive millions of visitors to your website and even rank a single blog post on page one of Google for hundreds of keywords. All you have to do now is go and implement these strategies. In addition to these strategies that are lots of different ways to amplify the content that you create using them. We’ll talk about that next time.

Please leave your questions and comments below. Have these strategies worked for you?

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