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How to Find Content Ideas Using SEMrush

Bill Hartzer
How to Find Content Ideas Using SEMrush

The circus is coming to town. Really, my 7-year-old son mentioned to me that we went to see the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus last year, and he would like to go again this year. Well, that got me thinking: how can I use a tool such as SEMrush to search for circus tickets, especially since a friend of mine has a ticket website (and I just happen to be helping him with his content marketing efforts)?

I certainly have "circus tickets" on the brain right because my son just mentioned the circus. So let's take a look at how I start with a keyword phrase such as "circus tickets" and turn that into opportunities for a ticket website such as TicketStub.com. By taking this example keyword phrase and digging deeper using SEMrush, I find even more content ideas for a ticket website.

Let's first start with a keyword search on SEMrush for "circus tickets":


As you can see, we have a lot of data for "circus tickets." It's a pretty competitive space, after all. In this case, I'm not really interested right now in the search results for PPC (pay per click), I'm more interested in the organic search results. Who really is showing up in the organic search results for circus tickets? Let's take a look at the organic search results that SEMrush gives us, and dig a little deeper to find some content ideas.


We first have the "phrase match report" and the "related keywords report." Looking at these reports, I can immediately come up with a list of keywords. Let's start a keyword list, keeping it to 5 keywords. Using the SEMrush data, it's really easy to see both the "phrase match" keywords and the "related keywords" right next to each other. And, it turns out that the "related keywords" really bring in much more potential traffic than the "phrase match" keywords. So, after looking at both reports, I'm able to come up with a list of 5 main keywords that I want to research further. Here are the 5 keywords that I came up with in this case:

circus tickets ringling brothers big apple circus barnum and bailey circus universal soul circus


We have already done a preliminary keyword search for "circus tickets," and have found the top-listed sites that are ranking for "circus tickets." So, let's go ahead and note those sites in a new list:

ticketmaster.com stubhub.com ringling.com ticketcity.com ticketsnow.com

To find more content marketing ideas and to find more ideas that you could write about on your website's blog, for example, the next step would be to take those competitors and dig deeper using SEMrush. Let's see what keyword phrases those top-ranking sites are showing up for, and where they are getting their traffic. That's certainly one option for finding some content ideas. But, since these are already some of TicketStub.com's competitors (they are the "big brands" in that industry), we've already done some extensive research on them. What we're interested in, in this case, is the fact that a site that is NOT in the ticket industry. We're interested in finding out what Ringling.com is up to, and why they are showing up for "circus tickets." I can already tell you why they're showing up, obviously, as that is a no-brainer. But what is important for finding content ideas for a blog or content marketing ideas is look and see what Ringling.com is up to organically, and find their main keywords. So, let's search for Ringling.com and find some keywords:


In this case, the main keywords are actually branded phrases. So, we need to run a full report to find some really good content ideas:


Wow, there we go. All it took was to dig a little deeper to find a great content idea, something that we should write about. It turns out that the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus theme this year is all about dragons! We were able to find this by running this full report through SEMrush, and finding that there is a significant amount of traffic related to "circus tickets" and "dragons" as it relates to the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus. For a ticket website such as TicketStub.com, an article on the site about circus tickets and the fact that RB & BB is having a dragon theme this year would be a great article for the site.

In fact, adding some photos (perhaps contact the company for some photos that they can use) would be great. Then, once the article is posted on the site, sharing that article all over the social media sites would go a long way--and would potentially bring in a bunch of traffic and sales. After all, who doesn't like to go to the circus?

Bill Hartzer

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Bill Hartzer is the Senior SEO Consultant at Bill Hartzer, LLC. You can visit his website here. Bill's last article for SEMrush was, "How to Research New gTLDs Using SEMrush."
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