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How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities

Ashley Faulkes
How to Find Guest Posting Opportunities

I continue to guest post on top quality blogs by submitting high quality content that adds value to that blog's audience. And so should you.

A bigger question on most people's minds though is: how do I find guest posting opportunities in my niche. Especially since most blogs have shut down their guest posting all together, or only accept people they know.

It's actually not as hard as you might think.

And the following examples will show you some easy to use tools (some of which you already use daily) can help you find guest posting opportunities very quickly and simply.

Where to Find the Guest Posting Gold

Find the Most Shared Content

By now the word is getting out about the fantastic tool that is BuzzSumo. If you have never used it or seen it before, here is a detailed review I wrote a few months ago.

In essence, what BuzzSumo does is find the most shared content on a particular site or topic. It can also do other great stuff (backflips anyone?), but let's leave it at that for now.

By using their search tool, you can enter a topic you wish to write a guest post on. Don't forget to also filter for posts that were submitted by guest authors (on the left hand side).

So ultimately, BuzzSumo will help you find: popular websites that allow guest post on a topic of your choice.

Here is an example I just did for "Social Media," and on the left you can uncheck all the options except for Guest Posts.


The only downside of this method is that you still have to determine the quality of the sites and the definite possibility of guest posting manually.

Although the BuzzSumo search filter is good, it cannot always determine why someone was designated a guest poster. It might be a friend or co-worker, and not an actual guest. So double-checking is mandatory.

An Oldie But A Goodie

Many of you will know our good friend Google, but perhaps not know the power of Google search itself.

Why? Because it is actually pretty geeky and technical when it comes down to it. Using what they call "operators" and the like.

But rather than give you a Google Search basics class, I will just give you a few examples of things you can look for when hunting for guest posting opportunities on Google.

You need to use a combination of the topics you want to search for, and words the show a site is open to guest posting. So a few examples for a social media blogger might be:

  • social media "write for us"
  • social media "guest post"
  • social media "guest posting guidelines"
  • social media "become a contributor"

There are lots of other word combinations, you just have to find out the kinds of phrases that blogs use when looking for guest posts. There are certainly more than those listed above.

The Power of Twitter

Google is of course one of the most powerful search engines around, but Twitter has a load of data that we can make use of as well. And it is often more up to date.

We can use the simple search bar at the top of twitter and apply some of the Google Search ideas above, because tweets sometimes have the words guest post in them as well.

You can also familiarize yourself with Twitter's Advanced Search, which many people don't even know how to find, and tune your search even further to get more refined results. For example you can:

  • restrict your search to a date range
  • find guest posts with certain hashtags from your niche
  • find guest posts from your favorite author (filter by their Twitter name)

There are lots of options here to help you find exactly what you need. And even things you can't even imagine. (Hint: even tweets not about guest posts!).

SEO Tools Can Be Useful Too

Last, but certainly not least, are backlink analyzing SEO tools that you may have access to. There are lots of options here from Moz to Majestic, and of course SEMrush. These tools helpfully find and index the majority of our site's backlinks.

What we are looking for is a highly ranking post that a top blog has in our niche, and the backlinks pointing to it. In many cases, an SEO savvy blogger will have built links to their best posts from guest posts that they have done.

So by looking at the links to a particularly successful post, we can find guest posting opportunities too.

And for the tools that don't index specific pages, but just the domain itself, you can still do this analysis. It might just take longer.

The easiest way to do the "actual work" is to extract the links into an excel sheet and sort through them yourself. If you are a comfortable with Excel, I would do things like

  • remove duplicates (you only want the root URL once)
  • find only the ones with do follow links (unless you don't care about SEO benefits)
  • even sort by the best SEO metrics (like Trust Flow or Domain Authority).

It all depends on the data you have at your disposal.

Final Thoughts

Guest posting is by no means dead, and I think you will find if you look at any site, including this one, there are still a large numbers of top bloggers guest posting on the web.

The key is to find the opportunities that make sense for your niche and content, and the sites that are open to guest bloggers like yourself.

And with these four options for finding the opportunities, I am sure you will find yourself a place to guest post in no time!

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Ashley Faulkes is the CEO of Mad Lemmings, a Web Design and Internet Marketing firm located in Zurich, Switzerland. Connect with him on Twitter and Google+. His last article for SEMrush was "How Images Can Improve your Content Marketing."
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