Teen Marketing Expert Explains how To Gain Hundreds of Targeted Twitter Followers Every Day

Marc Guberti

Jan 15, 20163 min read
Teen Marketing Expert Explains how To Gain Hundreds of Targeted Twitter Followers Every Day

In 2011, I created my Twitter account with the hope of quickly getting a large audience. I was 13 years old at the time, and I wanted a dramatic increase in my blog's traffic. With that thinking, it's no surprise that Twitter didn't work out for me at first. I initially gained followers, but for some reason, I found myself stuck at 1,667 followers for several months. The idea of getting quick traffic didn't work at all. It only took me a few weeks for me to learn why so many people say "Patience is a virtue."

After a few months of stagnancy, I couldn't take it anymore. At that moment, mastering Twitter became my mission and top priority. Someday, I wanted to surpass 100,000 Twitter followers and get hundreds of daily blog visitors from Twitter alone. I did weeks of research so I could learn more about Twitter, which tools to use and some best practices.

Twitter became the focus.

After stumbling across enough articles, one method I came across was following other people in hopes of getting a follow back. I had tried this method a few times, and although I got followers, I did not get more engagement from my tweets.

Why go after followers who won't engage with your content?

Running out of options, I gave it another go. Instead of following whoever was on Twitter in hopes of getting a follow back, I followed highly targeted individuals who were likely to follow back.

Follow the Influencers

I looked for people who followed the influencers in my niche, and finding these people was easy. All you have to do is find the influencer with a large audience, and then you find the people who you are looking for.

I followed this tactic and found myself with over 2,000 Twitter followers in a few weeks. I knew the tactic was working, so I continued experimenting with it and refined it in the process. I identified the influencers in my niche and followed as many of their followers as I could.

Become More Selective

As my list of influencers grew, I began to get picky with which influencers' followers I would follow. I used TwitterCounter to track which influencers were growing at the fastest rate, and I exclusively followed those influencers' followers. I also checked to see who gained real followers and who bought fake followers by using TwitterAudit, a free tool that lets you figure out the percentage of real and fake followers someone has based on the most recent 5,000 followers added to that person's account.

I chose to follow the followers of influencers who had over 90% real followers and gained hundreds of followers every day. As I followed more of these types of followers, my audience began to grow at a rapid pace. Soon enough, I was gaining hundreds of targeted Twitter followers every day in just 15 minutes per day.

Steady Growth Produces Valuable Engagement

When I was 13 years old, I aspired to surpass 100,000 Twitter followers. I just started and had no followers. Three years later, I got my 100,000th Twitter follower right before an interview. Now, I am a 17 year old with well over 200,000 highly targeted Twitter followers who engage with my content daily.

Following the right people allows you to build a large, targeted audience. Someday, you may surpass 100,000 Twitter followers by following the right people, but this one tactic is not the only reason for my growth.

While you follow the right people, it is important to tweet high value, niche-related content. Also, take the time to nail down that 160 character bio. It may take 5-10 minutes to do, but those 5-10 minutes can completely change the way people view you on Twitter. All you have to do in your bio is list your expertise, awards and hobbies so people know the right things about you.

You want potential followers to look at your tweets and bio with a strong interest in what you do and who you are. As I started to get the right followers and focused on tweeting content that they would appreciate, I had more conversations and got to know my audience better. Knowing your audience is critical because by knowing your audience, you know how to serve them in a more effective manner.

 You may have a few hundred followers or be in the thousands. You may be stuck at a certain number of followers like I was when I started. However, your Twitter audience can grow. You can gain hundreds of targeted followers per day. You can achieve your biggest Twitter ambitions and drive a massive amount of traffic from your blog to Twitter. You can dominate and thrive on the platform.

Have you had success on Twitter? Let me know about it in the comments!

Marc Guberti is a teenager entrepreneur who has written numerous Kindle books and training courses. His digital marketing blog, marcguberti.com, gets updated daily, rain or shine. You can follow Marc on Twitter @MarcGuberti where he sends out one tweet every 15 minutes to over 210,000 people.