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How to Improve Your Business Blog: Tips & Strategies

Venchito Tampon Jr.
How to Improve Your Business Blog: Tips & Strategies

Blogging as a means of driving business forward and developing brand marketing is unparalleled in the modern era. The power that a strong blog has with the proper SEO optimization can generate everything from massive traffic numbers, to conversions, to increased brand awareness and revenue for the company. The potential is there, but the right recipe is often hard to find.

There are tweaks to be made, strategies to employ and effective writing styles to consider. But, ultimately, it comes down to engaging content, powerful delivery and great value for the reader. With the fast-paced world of the internet bearing down on your business, you have to capture the attention of your readers immediately and never let them go.

With these tips and strategies in your repertoire, your blog will do just that.

Critical Aspects of a Successful Business Blog

Blogging is a freestyle form of writing that rewards the snappy and succinct, separating the thinkers and doers from the ones who simply talk about making something happen. It’s fierce, it’s competitive, but ultimately it is a powerful tool you can wield in the name of your business.

Your posts should constantly incorporate new and exciting ideas. If you need some inspiration, check out these blog post ideas that will guarantee your results are where they need to be.

Great ideas are only the beginning, though; they are the seeds of potential content that will skyrocket your business. Below are some additional tips and strategies that you can employ today to facilitate a better tomorrow.

1. Hire Writers Who Know Their Stuff

At the end of the day, someone who is an expert in their field will write far differently than someone who is not well-versed in their topic. Trying to write about something that you or your content producer know nothing about is not smart. You won’t come across with authority and, therefore, the readers won’t take your content seriously.

If you need to cross into unfamiliar territory, hire someone who knows the subject matter, or interview experts in that field to gain a stronger understanding of the concept. Not only do experts write faster, they also deliver the information in a more thoughtful and provoking manner. Expert writers will also proofread and check their content for accuracy before submitting it.

2. Specify Your Topic Before You Begin

If you’re going to write about something, be sure to boil it down before you start typing away. If your topic is, “How Fortune 500 Businesses Found Their Success,” that will leave you with a lot of businesses to cover. Try picking one and writing your post solely on that company’s success story. Not only does a specific title help readers create their own expectations of the content, but it also helps you focus on a making your point in a concise and succinct manner.

Remember, your readers are busy people; they don’t have time to read fluff. You need to get to the points and relay them quickly to keep their attention, or they will go elsewhere for the information they seek. Finally, having a detailed post concept will enable you to also use more focused keywords in your SEO optimization. This will empower your blog to rank higher by targeting a wide range of LSI keywords in addition to your main ones.

3. Create Captivating Headlines For Your Posts

It goes without saying, the headline of your posts is the most important piece of the puzzle. Not only is it the first thing people will gaze upon as they enter your blog’s content, but it also sets up the entire expectation for the rest of the post. Your headline must catch their attention, arrest their interests and convince them to click while also providing a realistic concept of what they’re about to read.

It’s a very delicate skill to learn, and while we could do an entire article on it right now, that would be betraying the headline of this current piece. For most people, trying to deliver that much information in a handful of words can be incredibly difficult. While it may not come naturally at first, the important thing to remember is that you want your headline to captivate, inform and excite your reader, just like the post beneath it.

4. Don’t Overdose Your Readers on SAT Vocabulary Terms

A common misconception among novice bloggers is that a wider and more eloquent vocabulary is better than writing in plain English. This is not the case, though. By doing this you are actually pushing readers away by confusing them with long and complicated strings of words that most people won’t be able to understand without a dictionary handy. You want your writing style to be informative but also casual and easy to read.

Making things more complicated for your readers is never a good idea. When you’re tempted to pull out the big terms from your long nights of studying for the SAT, suppress the urge and instead write in a common tongue your readers will understand and enjoy.

5. Don’t Obsess Over SEO

The amount of effort that goes into search engine optimization, or SEO these days is extremely high. With search engines like Google and Yahoo becoming the primary method by which people find and digest information, companies are focusing more and more on methods by which they can rank higher on the results and gain valuable exposure.

Is it important to have an SEO focus? Yes, most certainly. Targeting specific keywords and utilizing advanced tactics to locate LSI keywords that connect with your topic or niche is a great way to improve the exposure and efficiency of your content. What you want to avoid, is letting this focus become an overbearing part of everything you write.

The term “keyword stuffing” is used to describe something that focuses entirely on placing as many keywords in the content as possible. This tactic is neither effective, nor easy to read. The ultimate goal should be to strike a balance where content flows smoothly and naturally from the writer, in which case many of the keywords you are looking for will appear on their own, especially if the writer is an expert in their field. Remember, at the end of the day, you’re writing to appeal to readers first and search engines second.

6. Provide Value in Everything You Publish

For all the SEMrush readers out there, here’s an extra tip. Your readers are on the search for a product or service that answers a question or solves a problem in their lives. Remember, when writing any given post, you should seek to provide that answer or solution to the topic you’re covering. Give advice, suggest tips and provide your readers with something they didn’t have before they read your post.

That’s value, and it is the secret sauce for any successful blog. You may ultimately wish to sell them something or provide them with a unique service, but first you have to show them a good value for their time before you show them one for their money. As the saying goes, time is money; so, don’t waste theirs and they in turn won’t waste yours.

Bonus Tip: Take Advantage of Quality Services to Target Performing Concepts

By utilizing a service like Buzzsumo, you can track other bloggers in your community and find out which influencers in your niche are performing well. A great way to truly take advantage of the service and obtain the most value possible from it, is to specify certain KPIs like the number of links in each post, the average amount of comments and the number of shares. Targeting specific points like these will allow you to garner more value than simply paying for the service on a per-article basis.

Some Final Thoughts

While blogging is indeed a competitive and fierce market, it is also one of collaboration and inspiration. Never hesitate to work together with others in your field. Networking and sharing content is always a great way to grow your blog.

Consider these tips I’ve given you, and tell me what strategies and tips you have for us in the comments below.

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