How To Increase Your Brand Awareness in No Time! Twitter Chat #10

Elena Terenteva

Jan 12, 20158 min read
Increase Your Brand Awareness in No Time

Hello, dear Semrush Blog readers!

We’re all back from the holidays and ready to rock! I was on vacation for a week, but now I’m back with a new Twitter Chat recap. Our first Semrush Twitter Chat of the year is dedicated to very interesting topic — brand awareness.

Please enjoy this new recap with great tips from our participants and our special guests from Mention — a great web tool we use every day and absolutely can’t live without!

Q 1. How can a brand define top online marketing channels for increasing brand awareness?

Every brand has its own unique story to tell. Every marketing department devotes a lot of effort to one goal — to create and provide the perfect message for the right audience, and to make their company’s story heard.

Ask yourself — do you know your audience well enough? Successful companies spend a lot of time on target audience research, and it’s certainly worth the time and money. As our participant Devin ‏@DevDawg recommended, never make assumptions: “Know your demographics, your customers’ buying patterns, as well as the things they enjoy.” If you take the time to get a picture of your audience, you’ll also be able to define where your TA is.

A great way to investigate new opportunities is to conduct competitor research. It’s a great source of new information and real case studies; so if you want to expand your horizons, you definitely need to take a look at your competitors.

You might find a lot of different ways to communicate with your audience and a lot of new channels, but don’t be too hasty. None of us has an inexhaustible amount of time and manpower, so concentrate your efforts on the channel that brings you the most profits.

There are metrics that can help you define the right marketing channels.

Blue Fountain Media ‏@BFMweb recommends “looking beyond referral traffic and concentrating on platform engagement, as well as the quality of leads it generates.”

Once you have made a list of channels where your community spends the most time, you have to become a great story teller: “Don't just visit these online channels, become a valued member!” Renuka Hermon ‏@Hermonizer.

Q 2. What are some sure-fire ways to grow brand awareness? Is there a recipe that works for all?

Without a doubt, building brand awareness requires a different strategy for each company. Even though every business has different goals, as well as a different audience, there are a few strategies that can be universally successful.

As we already discussed, don’t act blindly! Investigate and don’t make any assumptions. Create content only on highly visible and relevant websites. And, of course, follow the rules of good content creation. Offer your audience something useful and unique: “Don't talk to your audience, talk with them” ClearVoice ‏@ClearVoice.

Remember that hard selling is one of the biggest mistake you can make. “Don't try to say you are the best, let your product/service speak for itself,” tweeted Akathma Devi ‏@akathmadevi.

“Remember, distribution is key. Hand deliver your content to your audience at first, until you build a loyal community” Mention ‏@Mention. Building a loyal community might be hard but you’re sure to be rewarded. The best brand mentions will come from thankful users — your customers, brand advocates and opinion leaders.

Be sure that you reward your audience and show them genuine interest. "Interact, share and socially reward your mentions — positive and negative — and visibly, responsibly act on the warts and all.” Michael Stricker ‏@RadioMS.

Q 3. What are the key metrics we should focus on when measuring brand awareness online?

As usual, we received so many responses to this question that the only way to publish all of them is to create a checklist. So here it is — a checklist of the key metrics for measuring awareness:

  • Brand mentions
  • Sentiment around mentions
  • Channels where mentions are occurring
  • Social media engagement
  • Increases in branded keyword MSV in Google’s Keyword Planner
  • Branded impressions in Google’s Webmaster Tool
  • PPC branded traffic
  • Content engagement
  • Content reach
  • Impressions
  • Customer engagement

Here’s a list of whose tweets we used: David Prochaska ‏@DavidProHQ Adam Dince ‏@AdamDince Devin ‏@DevDawg Anthony Randall ‏@tonyxrandall Hardik Oza ‏@Ozaemotion And here’s more advice that will help you find the right metrics and build solid analytics.

Also, remember that some things can’t be measured with certain tools!

Q 4. To what extent an online branding campaign could impact sales?

A4a: More awareness = more visits = more opportunity to provide value & convert visitors #semrushchat

We are more likely to trust someone we know rather than a stranger. The same goes for sales — we prefer brands that we have heard of and can trust.

But remember that “visibility is a key factor in sales, as the number of touch points required for conversion is still increasing" Anjlee Bhatt ‏@AnjleeB. So don’t expect a dramatic increase in sales after only a single publication. Your potential customers might need more interaction with your brand than you expected.

Tracking customers will save you time in the future and help with optimization.

It is also very important to track not just the niches that you’ve addressed, but also the ones you’ve missed. Any missed mention could translate into a missed customer.

Q 5. What actions has made the biggest impact on your online brand awareness in 2014?

This was one of the most exiting parts of the chat! Real successful cases — what could be a better source of new ideas and inspiration?

Content creation and blogging were among the most powerful weapons of brand awareness last year. And yes, they will be again this year.

Social media — and nobody doubted this — is the second most important channel leading to success.

Whatever channel you use, don’t forget about the personal approach. Also, always remain close to your audience.

If you give your readers and users what they want, you’ll be noticed and rewarded.

Q 6. How to check if my brand awareness has increased? What tools should a brand use?

Tools are an integral part of almost every Twitter Chat. Check out which tools our participants use to measure their brand awareness.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Moz tool — Fresh Web Explorer and Buffer.

And when everything is already checked and measured, try to think outside of the box and look at everything from a different angle.

We hope you enjoyed this Twitter Chat! There is more fun to come.

Join us this Wednesday — we are going to discuss How To Qualify SEO visits: not all traffic is created equal with our special guest Lukasz Zelezny. Don’t forget to use #semrushchat!

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