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How To Integrate SEO into the Marketing Mix! #SEMrushchat

Elena Terenteva
How To Integrate SEO into the Marketing Mix! #SEMrushchat

Hello, dear SEMrush blog readers!

First of all, about the numbers — our last chat, “How to Integrate SEO into the Marketing Mix!” with special guest expert Mike Moran, was the most popular SEMrush Twitter Chat so far!

We had twice as many tweets and participants! (And as a result, twice as much excitement!)

So, let’s dive into a mix of SEO, great insights, high-level expertise and fun!

How is SEO in 2015 different from years past SEO as it was right at the beginning (if you actually knew what SEO was back then) was tremendously different than the SEO we know today. But even in the last couple of years, the SEO landscape has changed drastically; so let’s skip the early 2000s and talk about how SEO in 2015 is different from past years.

Last year, Google released some major updates, and they have certainly affected a lot of websites. Yes, rule followers were rewarded and rule breakers were punished; but the basic course is certainly staying the same, although we definitely saw some new trends gaining strength.

We came to 2015 with a clear idea that SEO is not just a set of particular practices and techniques. Technical issues are nothing without the support of users. They are the ones who will like your content, bring links and spread the word about your site. This is how content marketing, social media and UX are coming to the stage. Content is still king and it continues to affect SEO. Quality comes first: “Focus more on your quality of writing and semantics; focus less on low-quality backlinks (FINALLY!)” - Carrie Morgan ‏@morgancarrie.

Community building and social media (we’ll talk more about it in the next question) are integral parts of the content distribution processes, making them so important.

We will also see – and we’re seeing this already – an increase in mobile search and UX. Users want access to information anywhere, anytime and from different devices. “The mobile emphasis alone is enough to move mountains, and that's just the beginning” - Matthew Young ‏@MatthewAYoung.

So, everything that we do, we do for users, but let’s not forget that “it's about helping people and search engines. Let's not forget that there are algorithms.” - Adam Dince ‏@AdamDince.

Algorithms have become more complicated, SEO now requires high-level skills in different areas and “this is why the posts that say, "SEO is easy" or "Learn SEO in one hour a day" are way off the mark” - Tony Dimmock ‏@Tony_DWM.

Well, this definitely sounds serious, and so it’s taken seriously by SEO specialists themselves and, more importantly, by people not involved with the marketing field at all. “Clients are now definitely regarding SEO as less of a "dark art" and more of a legitimate marketing tool” - Danny Richman ‏@DannyRichman.

For more comments from experts, check out this post - The Ultimate GUide to 2014’s SEO Changes.

What SEO benefits can community building and social media bring

Social media is a great way to distribute content! That’s for sure.

“The stronger and wider your community’s reach, the more opportunities you will have for links” Adam Dince ‏@AdamDince. And as Mike Moran noticed: “Every tactic that brings attention to your content helps your SEO.” Also, increasing inbound traffic has direct SEO influence.

And what’s more, social media can influence the speed of content indexing – and this directly impacts SEO.

Give people what they’re looking for; let them spread it and then repeat it. When you know what kind of content your audience is interested in, you can use this knowledge and give them more of it. 

And every time someone sees your content, it’s an opportunity for them to buy from you.

But is this just the one side of it?

Definitely not! Social media is a powerful channel for improving brand loyalty and recognition; and the indirect impact of loyalty and authority can not be overestimated. A loyal community of grateful customers can help to spread the word about you and build a community of brand ambassadors.

What are some ways you can sync SEO with your company's PR activities

This is a thesis you can’t disagree with! PR is all about mentions, links, interactions with influencers (editors, journalists, bloggers) and so on – it’s all connected to SEO.

The main idea of integrating SEO and PR efforts – synchronize the messages.

You want your story and your message to be heard. How is it different if your audience comes to you from an article in a magazine or through an SERP? The result both SEO and PR should achieve – make the information about your company to be closely to the target audience.

Spreading your message through the web does sound like link-building to me.

Connect PR and SEO strategies, and after that you can focus on the details.



 Special thanks to: @MikeMoran@NChimonas@fighto@GuideTwit@HermanTinkura@AdamDince@BethKahlich@Beymour@christomjones@fCaramellaSEO@JRiddall@[email protected]@manishw2gi@MatthewAYoung@morgancarrie@revaminkoff@samueljscott@SeoKungFu@Swanny_s@tonyxrandall@WLau89

What are some common problems and mistakes companies face when integrating SEO into the marketing mix

Meta tags, H1 tags, page indexing, etc. – what do all these things have to do with your social media or PR strategy? One very common delusion – that "SEO is a function unto itself. SEO practices just inform existing marketing functions”- Samuel Scott ‏@samueljscott. can ruin the whole marketing campaign. Well, if you’ve decided to integrate SEO into all your marketing activities, you could make another mistake.

So if you’re going to do it, do it in the right way. “The best integration starts at the beginning. Think of campaigns holistically — how does each part of the mix support?” Mike Moran ‏@MikeMoran. First things should come first and SEO is one of them.

Another mistake – thinking that you only need SEO occasionally or for a limited period of time. Or maybe we could just hire an agency for three months to see how it will work for us? Well, as we mentioned, SEO is like a marathon, so be ready for a long run. A very long one.

OK, OK, now we are ready to think about SEO in a serious way. Our competitors do it and so should we. Oh wait… Nope. Don’t go there. Your business is your business, and it different from your competitors. Competitor intelligence is very important, but the main goal of it is to find your own path. “I see a lot of brands trying to copy their competitors. Same title tags, same content layout, etc. BAD, BAD idea” - Brandon Seymour ‏@Beymour. But don’t swing from one extreme to another.

How will the marketing mix evolve in the future? What trends will we see in 2015

And in conclusion – some useful advice for the future.

Offering useful content is important, but your content should also be educational and 100% unique. “Brands turning into knowledge centres, brands creating a digital USP & brands helping not hyping their messages” - simon swan @Swanny_s. Don’t copy anyone else, find your voice and “develop unique content; know which marketing message converts,” suggest Mike.

Note, that it’s not enough to simply make your website mobile friendly – you must also consider design and copy.

Semantic search is becoming an important part of the game. Knowledge Graph, as a representative of the trend, is continuing to develop.

So, I hope you like this post and have realized how useful our SEMrush Chat is! We'll be waiting for you to join the conversation on Wednesday.

Use the #semrushchat tag – the key to the one of the best SEO communities!

Elena Terenteva

SEMrush employee.

Elena Terenteva, Product Marketing Manager at SEMrush. Elena has eight years public relations and journalism experience, working as a broadcasting journalist, PR/Content manager for IT and finance companies.
Bookworm, poker player, good swimmer.
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Exciting! So there is a #semrushchat every Wednesday? At what time?
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Great round up guys - thanks for the mention!
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SEMrush employee.

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