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How to Make a Boring Industry Sexy with Content Marketing

Alesia Hsiao
How to Make a Boring Industry Sexy with Content Marketing

Face it, your industry isn’t necessarily exciting. No matter how enthralling you find the topic of life insurance or stamp collecting, the vast majority of people fall asleep when you try to explain it to them.

That doesn’t make you a lost cause when it comes to marketing. Even the dullest of industries can sound exciting when presented in the right way.

SEO guru Alex Miller has proved this point many times by taking boring industries and making them into success stories. It’s why he’s always mentioned when it comes to content marketing. In this article, we’re going to show you how to make a boring industry sexy with content marketing.

Content Marketing Tips

Turn it into a Story

Everyone loves a good story. The fact of the matter is people will always be attracted to a story, even if it’s revolving around a boring subject. Freelance writer Carol Tice, has continued to be a successful online writer because she has many story ideas. Case in point, insurance companies regularly use mascots and little characters they created in their adverts. They realized nobody responded to a man in a suit talking about insurance. Instead, they create stories with fun-loving characters, and thus people start to take notice. Look at any of GEICO’s YouTube videos and you can see this works based off their views.

Be Helpful

Boring industries aren’t boring to those who actually need the information. Use this principle in everything you create. Make sure every piece of content you release is designed to help someone. This is where proper research comes into things. If you know what your target audience needs help with, the fact your industry is boring won’t make a difference.

Watch the Tone of Your Voice

As we said, any industry is interesting to those who need genuine help with something. That should mean no industry is boring and anyone can turn their niche into a success. The problem is so many industries are connected to business jargon, and this damage is self-inflicted. Stop talking like you’re a lawyer (even if you happen to be a lawyer). The average person should easily understand the language. You can explain absolutely anything without the jargon. Make sure your content is simple to understand.

Boring Sometimes Means Confusing

Ever wondered why content marketing in specific industries is boring? It’s often code for "confusing." Confusion means boring because whenever we’re confused we nearly always switch our minds off. If your content is boring, it may mean that you’re not explaining things in a way people understand. Tips for making your content less confusing:

  • Simplify your language
  • Use diagrams and screenshots
  • Create videos that relay a story and connect with your audience

What to Do When NOTHING is Interesting

Some subjects are simply as dry as a bone. You can do little about this. Your best option is to edit your content down to the bare bones. If you publish 2,000 words of dull content, readers will be less inclined to read it. Instead, you should aim to make the content as short as humanly possible. Even a dry topic can hold a reader’s attention for 200 words. bored-cat

Bring in Outsiders

Talking heads aren’t interesting. Accept the fact that nobody knows who you are. Your name on a piece of content says nothing and it’s not going to entice anyone to read further. Take advantage of what podcasters do and bring in some outside guests. It doesn’t matter if they say exactly the same things as you intended to say. The fact it comes from someone well known will get your readers attention. Many people will listen in because of who is saying it not because of what is being said. Think about it, how many times have you visited a blog because it was featuring a special guest that you idolized?

Have a Sense of Humor

A sense of humor will take you a long way. It makes you relatable and it keeps people reading because it puts a smile on their face. It is possible to weave humor into any subject in the world. As long as it is not crude or offensive, there is no reason why you should not do it. Try not to overdo it, though. You need to use it as a way to boost the level of interest during natural lulls in your releases. Moz recommends memes as a way to bring more traffic to your blog.

Hire a Professional

It’s not easy to make a boring industry sound interesting. Numerous things may need to be done to make your industry sexy. This is when you will need to bring in professionals or freelancers. They will be able to provide you with the results that you desire but cannot achieve alone. Conclusion Any other suggestions to spice up boring content? Let me know in the comments! Image credits: Flickr, Yizmo; Flickr, Regina

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Alesia Hsiao is a social media writer who blogs at when she is not writing for SEMrush. Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn. Alesia’s last article on SEMrush was “How to Make Boring Content Sexy with Content Marketing."
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