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How to make your competitors cry with Google Images?

Alexandra Tachalova
How to make your competitors cry with Google Images?

Nothing will make your competitors hate you more than choosing to use Google images. Why might this be, you ask?

The Proofis in the Numbers

The percentage of Google images that appear in search results is growing rapidly, and as of September has reached 35% as summarized in all SEMrush countries databases. Significant changes can be seen in each region, as well:

  • In the USA, there is a 7% growth in 6 months and another 7% increase can obviously be expected by the end of the year
  • Germany shows the best result with a 10% total growth

The Google Images Trend

The overall situation with Google images keywords also needs to be taken into consideration. The numbers provide us with a clear understanding that we should also pay attention to Google images keyword optimization, as it can be a beneficial traffic source.

Keywords in September 2012 Also, I was curious about the trend in Google's USA database so I compared the share of Google image keywords to the total number of keywords for September and it's already increased 27%!

Steps to Appearing in Google Images

Step 1: File name and a path to its location Step 2:Create the surrounding text (description with correct keywords) Step 3:Title and alt Step 4:Sitemap for images Step 5: Check Google images!

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Alexandra Tachalova has worked in digital marketing for over six years. She is a digital marketing consultant, helping digital businesses to open new markets and boost sales. Alexandra is a frequent speaker, and Founder of online digital marketing event
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Alexandra Tachalova
Steven, thanks for comment! Don't forget to put the JavaScript redirection on your website from Google images. Otherwise the visitors will look at Google snippets instead of your website:)
Isaac, it’s 100% truth. Planning is going to become the major step in SEO!
Alexandra Tachalova
And java script for redirection where I to install, is it plug-in in word press which is to installing?
Alexandra Tachalova
Ilia, You can install the following plugins as frame brakers
Alexandra Tachalova
Shelley, awesome feedback! The next one will be soon..:)
Alexandra..It's the best of article really I like it..I am from INDONESIA.
Alexandra Tachalova
Icah, thanks! Check the next one about Google Places:)
Amazing! I knew that Google images would begin playing a bigger role in the search engine optimization of websites over time. Based off your findings the numbers don't lie. This further drives home the point that serious marketers need to attend to every detail of the SEO process especially images.
Steven W. Giovinco
Thanks for the detailed and clear advantages of Google images--and how its grown 27% since September. Its a fairly easy way to generate traffic or show up in searches.

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