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Michael Bentos

How to Maximize Modern SEO Efforts without Editorial Links

Michael Bentos
How to Maximize Modern SEO Efforts without Editorial Links

Public relations and editorial links work together to ensure success of modern SEO – that’s a fact. However, it is possible to have excellent public relations, but have no links to the relevant news stories to complete the picture for anyone searching for your company on the internet. Should this be the case, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get all you can from your SEO.

Your PR has to be on point

Think about this – if you are featured nationally in an industry journal, this is something you can leverage wisely to your advantage to get all the coverage you need. This will improve your SEO and eventually, get you those editorial links that were once so elusive.

Here’s how you can make that happen:

  1. Target market leaders sites

Now, marketing leader sites might link to you, but that doesn’t mean you can target them in your SEO. If you do what everything else is doing, you will not get ahead in this industry! Involve the leading brands in your PR efforts and you won’t miss the chance to get more coverage.

Remember to manage the client’s expectations; you’re not delivering these links, but you are creating a potential PR link that could do more for their business than simply influence rankings.

  1. Share the success

You want to make the most of your SEO success and one way to do it is to make sure everyone knows about it. Get your client to write about how well they did and then add a link to the media article to prove it. Make sure this article is all over social media and encourage your client’s followers and friends to share.

  1. Keep the conversation going

Your article may attract comments upon publishing and the best response is to respond. It is important for your client to show interest in the conversation and engage the audience immediately. Have them keep the discussion going; it will certainly appeal to their target audience and serve as an investment for the future.

  1. Look out for links

Apart from starting a conversation, your article may be linked by other players in the industry; from bloggers and journalists to industry experts. Watch out for these links and make sure to have your client send a thank you to them. This is also an opportunity to offer more information as well as include them in a press release mailing list.

Imagine having all these people and their audiences in your corner for the next campaign. Success will be guaranteed!

  1. Tell them more

The journal may have limitations on the number of words you could have used in your articles. This means that some details may have been overlooked. You can have these details included on your client’s site, which will increase interest and bring more links.

  1. Talk to the media

Making national news is definitely something that local journalists and industry bloggers are interested in. Make sure to follow up on them and talk about your client’s success, their journey and all that good stuff. It will increase local coverage of your client which is always great for PR and business.

  1. Tell your customers

Your customers would be proud to know that their company (your client) has been featured nationally. Throw in an offer to celebrate the success and you will certainly see an increase in your client’s customer base and loyalty.

  1. Make it verifiable

A lot of companies can make up stories about their success. To prove that your success story is legitimate, have your client put up a badge or ‘as featured in…’ link which will take visitors straight to the journal’s site. This will show visitors and journalists that their site can be trusted and get you more links and coverage in the press.

  1. Talk to top industry blogs

When approaching top industry blogs, pitch several guest posts for their blogs over a period of time. Use the company’s national success as leverage since it does work for both parties as far as SEO success is concerned. Spread these guest blogs out, perhaps once a month, for as long as you can.

  1. Make friends with the journalist

The journalist and news team that features your client should become your new best friends. Since they featured your client once, they are likely to do a story on them as well. Maintain conversations with them about what they may be interested in and when they want to look into it. With this information, you can pitch them an exclusive to the benefit of both parties.

  1. Think outside the box

In order to remain relevant and visible, your client has to do more than just releasing new products or services. This limits them to the breaking news desk. Have them get involved in community development and human interest issues that are newsworthy.

  1. Building your ‘ammunition’

A look back into your client’s history may reveal stories that were overlooked but are certainly newsworthy. Collect some of the quotes and sound bites and keep them safe for your next pitches. You will blow them out of the water!

  1. Think ahead

A PR campaign is like a wedding, you need to start planning a year ahead of time. Have your activities and stories for each month all laid out before you start. Keep following up the initial national feature with additional local and even national stories. This way, you will get more respect from the media, which will translate into more stories being written about your client.

  1. Take a look back

Pummeling ahead without reviewing the past and present activities could result in repeating mistakes. Look through your content, see what needs improving and make it better for the next pitch. It may be that you will get those editorial links you need if you improve on the content.

Patience is key…

A public relation is all about long-term thing - no quick fixes here! You need to be consistent, deliberate, aggressive and smart about your campaign and then keep working as the results slowly emerge. Make sure to build contacts within your client’s industry in order to understand it better and build a campaign that is most likely to be successful, and finally, get you those editorial links.

Michael Bentos

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Michael Bentos is an experienced digital marketer and part of the team at ParadoxSEO.com – the powerful platform that makes SEO simple. He has a wealth of diverse experience in SEO marketing that he loves to share through his articles.
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