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Larry Alton

How to Meet the Video Marketing Challenge in 2016

Larry Alton
How to Meet the Video Marketing Challenge in 2016

Each year, marketers come out and say something like, “This is the year video marketing will explode onto the scene!” The reason you hear this so often is because the growth of video marketing knows no limits. It’s growing at an exponential rate, with each subsequent year surpassing the last. As a marketer, now is the time to listen up and invest heavily in video-based strategies.

The Growth of Video

By 2019, research suggests 80 percent of the world’s global Internet traffic will be video. Aside from being an astounding statistic, this indicates to marketers just how pressing the need to leverage video is. If you want to be relevant moving forward, then you must dive headfirst into video marketing.

3 Tips for Staying Relevant in 2016

The good news is that video marketing allows for considerable flexibility. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. This means you’re free to pursue different strategies and piece together a plan that works for your business. With that being said, here are some important tips to keep in mind:

1. Develop a YouTube Channel

There are two types of video content: offsite and onsite. We’ll discuss the latter in the next section, but we can’t proceed without discussing the importance of offsite video content and how YouTube fits into the equation.

When it comes to hosting video offsite, YouTube is by far the best choice. By creating a YouTube channel, you gain access to millions of users and a streamlined platform that removes a lot of the publishing work.

The key to building a successful YouTube channel involves steadily amassing content over time. While most small businesses launch a channel, few are disciplined and consistent enough to use a long-term strategy.

One of the top examples of a successful long-term YouTube channel strategy can be found on Park West Gallery’s channel. While Park West Gallery doesn’t publish dozens of videos a week, they do a good job of posting regular content with a consistent storyline. For example, their “In the Artist’s Studio” series has been going for a few years and has been quite successful. Your goal should be to develop something similar.


2. Create Onsite Content for SEO Value

While offsite content is great, you also need to create some onsite content. If for no other purpose than that onsite content helps enhance SEO rankings. Since a majority of your website traffic may come from video content, this can provide a huge boost. And instead of your viral videos sending clicks to YouTube, you can actually establish solid backlinks to your own branded URLs.

3. Use Short-Form and Long-Form Content

Did you know that the modern human attention span is actually comparable to that of a goldfish? Yikes! This means you don’t want to invest all of your efforts into long-form content. Sometimes the shortest videos are the most effective.

For an example of how you can say more with less, check out this example. In this movie trailer, the producers for the Hollywood film Jobs drummed up lots of engagement with a short 15-second preview. It was much shorter than traditional Internet trailers that last between two and four minutes – but it was arguably more effective.

Make Video a Priority

If you want to excel at content marketing in 2016, you must make video an integral part of your overarching strategy. And while it certainly takes work to become proficient at video marketing, the good news is that there are plenty of examples to model your approach after. Using the examples and tips mentioned in this article, you can develop a strategy that helps you be successful this year.

What do you have planned for video in 2016? Let us know in the comments.

Larry Alton

A bearer of digital marketing wisdom.

Larry Alton is an independent business consultant specializing in social media trends, business and entrepreneurship. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.
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