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How to Run a Cost-Effective Google Adwords Campaign

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How to Run a Cost-Effective Google Adwords Campaign

If you and your website are relatively new to SEO practices and you don’t know which keywords will draw higher conversion rates, you should probably use Google AdWords campaign as the best option in optimizing an organic search.

Establish Goals:

Whether they be cost-per-click, sales, onsite time, or whatever, goals in an online marketing campaign are important. Goals will help you create a basis of your Google AdWords campaign, because it will be different if you’re trying to position your brand or if you’re trying to capture repeat sales. Most companies play it safe by setting their goals at a specific budget for the Google AdWords campaigns.

Make a List:

A great tool for building keyword lists is from SEO Book and SEMrush Pro. I suggest creating a campaign for brand terms so that you can establish some familiarity with the Google Adwords platform.

Create the Google AdWords Campaign:

Now you’re ready to log into Google Adwords and actually create the campaign that you want. Once in the login page, click on ‘Campaign Summary’ and ‘keyword-targeted. After that you will have to name your Google AdWords campaigns. Then, select your countries of interest. The more countries, the more reach, the better you Google AdWords campaign will be, but some companies might think, why pay for a click when the user doesn’t speak English? Next, write down your advertisement.

Add More Ad Copy:

Go back into your Google AdWords campaign and create more ad copies. I suggest having a few, at least five or so running simultaneously, because Google will find out which ads has the best click through rate and start showing that ad more. After some time, delete the least performing ad and try an ad with different text in your Google AdWords campaign. Remember to always try and beat the current winning advert.

Don’t Set and Forget:

Add and delete keywords, optimizes ad copy, and play with your bids and daily budgets. Also, don’t forget that your landing page quality can be a powerful variable in how effective your Google AdWords campaign will be, so be sure you point your ads to the most relevant and conversion friendly page you can.

Google Adwords Cost:

Every time someone searches on Google, AdWords runs an auction to determine the number of ads that are shown on the search results page, and their rank on those respective pages. To place your ads in this auction, you first have to decide what type of customer action you will be willing to pay for. The following are some tips that you can use in your Google Adwords campaign.

  • The CPM or Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions bidding method is recommended if you want to increase awareness of your brand.
  • The CPC or Cost-Per-Click bidding method is recommended if you want to drive traffic to your website.
  • The CPA or Cost-Per-Acquisition bidding method is recommended for the seasoned AdWords advertisers who are more interested in conversions, like purchases or signups.

How to Prevent Google Adwords Fraud Clicks?

A problem that most SEO and webmasters encounter is click fraud. This is when a competitor in your market clicks on your ads with the intention of using up your budget or in some cases to earn extra income, the later is done mostly by people on affiliate programs.

The following are some tips to help you sniff out the bad guys of Google Adwords click fraud.

  • Monitor closely your click through rate, and if you can have data on a daily basis you will know if there are large variations on those. With the use of tools you can check on traffic and corresponding IP addresses of the websites that click through to avoid unwanted Adwords costs.
  • Set and limit to your ad budget on a daily basis so that it will last you at least a couple of months. This will minimize your losses if you fall victim to Adwords click fraud.
  • Always target your ads on specific geographical locations only, to limit potential losses from Adwords click fraud if you are targeting worldwide. This will also provide you with good conversions if your services are limited only to a certain geographic location.
  • Be wary of some Pay-Per-Click offers that include downloads that can hurt your Adwords campaign. Often times these offers have some programs which get important data which will hurt the results of your overall campaign.

Using these tips will hopefully help you run an effective Google Adwords campaign.

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