Finally, the day we’ve all be waiting for: GIFs are now officially supported on Facebook to supplement regular images. While this is great news for lovers of cat GIFs, it can also be a big step for your social marketing campaign. They say video is the future of online marketing, and these animated images are the logical next step for marketers looking to make the leap. GIFs can be easy to consume, emotionally impactful, and eye-catching — and ideal tool for digital marketers. Here are a few ways you can incorporate GIFs into a successful Facebook marketing strategy.


The use of these animated images is based in humor, so it’s only natural that you use them for their intended effect. You can use them to interject a little light-hearted comedy in your Facebook feed, whether the GIF is standalone or attached to an article on your company’s blog or website. These images will loop natively in Facebook’s feed, and can be more eye-catching than a static image or video link. Humor is a quick, easy way to engage your audience, and GIFs are a new, exciting way to do it in your Facebook feed.

Video Highlights

GIFs can be a great way to work your video marketing into your Facebook strategy. If you’ve created a series of videos highlighting your staff or your company’s mission, you can select key snippets of the video and use captions to give viewers a compelling glimpse into your campaign. The best GIFs will illicit an emotional response, whether that’s laughter or compassion, so choose your frames wisely. If you haven’t been having much success with your video campaign, this might be a great way to grab attention in the newsfeed.


Historically, Facebook has avoided supporting this feature for fear that it would make the newsfeed “too chaotic.” So while you shouldn’t overuse these animated images, when used sparingly, they can be just the push you need to draw the attention of your audience. Your Facebook marketing strategy should be content-driven, and GIFs can be a great complement to that strategy.

By selecting key facts from your content and presenting them as animated images, you can give your audience a consumable portion of your message and incite them to read on.

Now that GIFs can loop natively in a Facebook feed, social media marketers have the unprecedented ability to engage users with quick, simple content. The smashing success of digestible videos on Vine and Instagram can now be harnessed on Facebook, and these animated images can accompany a wide variety of content and emotional ranges. If you’re creating or have already established a social media campaign, be sure to incorporate these smart “living images” to draw the eye and inspire the emotions.

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