How To Use Semrush To Assess Your Website Value

Tim Schmidt

Oct 07, 20161 min read
Semrush To Assess Your Website Value

Placing a value on any item that has substantial worth can be a difficult task.Real estate professionals often struggle with finding a proper value for a home even though they are armed with comparable sales prices for the same home in a community. Finding a value for a website can be even more complex than placing a value on a home. Today I'll show you how you can use SEMrush to assist in determining the value of any website.

The first thing I do is run the domain through the "Domain Overview" tab. In this example, we'll use, which is a leading publication reporting on the skin care industry. Refer to the results below as you read today’s commentary.

Skin Care Industry Website StudyThis is the current situation for, an online portal dedicated to the skin care industry.

There are a few items I key in on when I assess a value of any website. 

  1. Organic Search Reach: this is the number of key phrases that appear in the top ten pages of Google.It's a great indicator of overall site health and quality.
  2. Trend: the graph shows the recent traffic trend.While this particular example isn't stunning, it does show a recent uptick, which is better than the alternative. 
  3. Traffic Cost: this is an estimate of what the organic traffic coming to the website would cost if it was purchased through a paid advertising channel offering cost-per-click advertising. 
  4. Top Organic Keywords: when purchasing a website, it's always good to see which keywords are performing well.By using this function you can identify which keywords are performing best in Google.This feature can also show keywords in ascending or descending order. 

I reached out to Internet Business Broker David Fairley, who said: “While this won’t give you a clear financial picture of the financial health of the business, SEMrush is clearly the best tool in finding out the health of a website and what sort of backbone it has.”

As an online marketer dating back to 2002, I can say that website health is the number one component I look at when evaluating the value of any website. 

When you have a robust tool such as SEMrush, you can easily take a bird‘s eye view of any website and provide yourself with data that will help you navigate any claimed revenues or associated balance sheet issues. 

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Tim Schmidt is an entrepreneur who has worked exclusively online since 2002. He teaches affiliate marketing at AffiliateU and also owns a Fort Lauderdale based SEO Agency.