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How to Use SEMrush to Help Your Newsjacking Efforts

Bill Hartzer

Still stuck on where to get content ideas for blog posts or social media posts? Well, last time I wrote about content ideas and how you can use SEMrush to find them. If you're already tapped out there, and can't find any more ideas for content, then you may want to try newsjacking. You can use to help you find content ideas (and monitor certain sites) for newsjacking..

What is Newsjacking?

Newsjacking is a term that combines the words "news" and "hijacking." Essentially, you are taking ideas from the news (such as breaking news) and literally "hijacking" a story or news idea. You start with a news story or an idea and create content around it--injecting your own twist, spin, or thoughts regarding the original news story. Typically, the news has been made popular or it's "in the news" because people are interested in it--they want to read about it. So, if you were to take that news and add your own thoughts and twist to it, more than likely others will want to read your content.

What's important here is that when you do any newsjacking to create content on your own website, blog, or social media profile (when you post on social media), you give the original author of the content credit or cite the source(s). Also, make sure that you add your own twist, thoughts, or ideas to it to make the content unique. Don't just copy a story from another source and put it on your own site--it generally won't get noticed (especially by the search engines) and people most likely will see through it.

How Newsjacking Can Help Your Site

If you have a blog, a section on your site where you can add content and articles, or just want to update your social media accounts (like your Facebook page, your Google+ page, etc.) with on-topic, relevant content, it's important to keep it updated. Keeping it updated will attract new visitors to your site, and keep your social media accounts up to date. Plus, you'll gain more fans and followers "naturally" by updating and sharing good content that people like.

So, how do you find good content to post that people like? SEMrush is a great way to help you find the content that people are talking about and searching for.

Newsjacking Searches on SEMrush

On SEMrush, it's important to start by listing your favorite news sources. Make a list of the news sites in your industry that you frequently visit. If you are a local business, you may want to make a list of your favorite local news sites. For example, in Dallas, Texas where I'm from, a great option is If I wanted to write about the Search Engine Industry, then I would pick sites such as or

First, do a search at for the website or news source. I chose for this example.


As you can see, I selected "organic keywords," as I am only really interested in those. I want to see what this site is ranking for and how much potential traffic I can get by selecting one of these keywords. In this case, I chose to write a blog post about the Google Keyword tool recently, as the Google AdWords Keyword Tool was just removed from service. Since it's a good idea for me to write about topics that are related to my blog (my blog is about search engines and search engine marketing/internet marketing issues), I was easily able to find a topic using SEMrush to do the keyword research.

Other possible topics for search engine related blog posts could include:

  • doodle 4 google
  • click fraud
  • google checkout
  • facebook search

Starting by using a news site as your source for newsjacking is a good idea--for many news sources such as, the news in the industry changes, so the organic keywords that are going to bring traffic to that site are going to change from time to time.

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Bill Hartzer is the Senior SEO Consultant at Bill Hartzer, LLC. You can visit his website here. Bill's last article for SEMrush was, “How to Research New gTLDs Using SEMrush."
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Nice one Bill. Another thing to throw in, would be to post your jacked (edited for uniqueness of course) news story into something like PressDoc so that you can gain the type of visibility (inclusion in google news or similar) as the original content.
Bill Hartzer
You're right, Jeremy, that's a good idea. It should definitely go into PressDoc as well as be promoted through a whole host of social media sites.

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