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How to Use the Bing Ads iOS App

Emma McHale
How to Use the Bing Ads iOS App

The Bing Ads iOS app started rolling out to global audiences in August. Now, using version 1.4 since 2nd October, the Bing Ads iOS app has been improved, but it remains useful as well as quick and easy to use. This is a guide on how to use the Bing Ads iOS app.

To begin with, you need to sign in using either your Bing Ads details or Microsoft account login details. Type in your login details extra carefully as company passwords are usually long and complicated to ensure security.


You will be taken to an all account page that requests you should choose a Bing Ads account to find out more information. The accounts can be sorted by performance metrics by clicking on the drop down. The metrics include spend, conversions, clicks, impressions, CTR (click through rate), average CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per acquisition), average position, conversion rate and ROAS (revenue from ad campaign).


You can pick the account you wish to look at in more detail by expanding the account details and clicking select. This will take you to the account dashboard tab showing performance metrics of ad spend, conversions, clicks, impressions, CTR, average CPC, CPA, average position. You can also see the conversion rate and ROAS by swiping to the left.


The account dashboard tab also features a line graph which can show two account performance metrics for the date range selected. You can move a dotted line along the graph to view the metrics at that particular time. The graph can be expanded to a full screen view using the small expand button in the right hand corner of the graph.

At the bottom of the screen, you will see the tabs you can choose to view; these include the dashboard, campaigns, alerts and more.

On viewing the campaigns tab, you can view all your campaigns, active campaigns and inactive campaigns for the date range selected. The campaigns tab once again shows the performance metrics for each campaign.


Select one campaign and you will see the campaign summary featuring the performance metrics and line graph like the dashboard tab. Underneath the campaign title, you can view the status and campaign budget. If you click on the settings button, you will see the campaign where you can edit the campaign name, status, budget type and budget amount.


Below the campaign summary, you can view the ad groups, ads and keywords. By selecting ad groups, you can see all the ad groups, inactive ad groups and active ad groups.


Selecting a specific ad group will take you to the ad group summary showing the performance data and line graph. Under the ad group name, you can see the status and bid. At the top of the page, you can click on the ad group settings where you can change the name, status and ad group bid. At the bottom of the page you can view the related ads and keywords.


Clicking on the ads or keywords section will take you to a list of keywords or ads related to the campaign and ad group selected. Once again, if you select a specific ad or keyword, you can view performance data and line graph summary for the selected ad or keyword.


On the ad summary page, you can see the status below the ad and on the keyword summary, you can view the status and keyword bid below the particular keyword. By clicking on the ad settings, you can change view the status and on the keyword settings, you can change the keyword, status, bid and match type.



The alerts tab will alert you to any issues within the account and campaigns, such as a depleted account. These alerts are provided by the Bing Ads system, like on the online Bing Ads software.


The more tab in the app shows the settings, help and about sections. This tab features the sign out feature. Under the settings section, you can specify the credit card expiration and choose the metrics display order. The help section has a iOS tutorial, FAQ and contact support page.


Bing Ads describe their iOS app as convenient, easy to use and provides Bing Ads in real time. They also state that the Bing Ads support team is at your fingertips when you use the app. The Bing Ads app makes it easy to manage a Bing Ads account on the go and in real time. The app is consistent with the online Bing Ads software and displays the changes made on the app within the online Bing Ads. It is a simple app to use so even inexperienced iOS users will be able to use it. It is definitely useful to have the app to alert you to any issues within the Bing Ads system, such as a depleted account.

Unfortunately, there are still a few issues with the app. The app still only has basic functionality, so it doesn't have any tools, reports or opportunities sections, which are useful in the online Bing Ads. In addition, although the American support page appears to have been adapted specifically for the app, however other country support pages are redirected to the Bing Ads support pages which aren't responsive.

Despite the issues still to be resolved, the Bing Ads app does allow you to manage your PPC campaigns on the go as an app on iOS devices; something that Google AdWords currently does not allow users to do.

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Emma McHale is an in-house Search Marketing Executive and Digital Marketer. You can follow Emma McHale on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also visit her digital marketing portfolio.
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Kathleen Burns
Wow! This is a pretty detailed guide for anyone looking to dive into Bing Ads for PPC campaigns. Emma, what types of reports would you like to see the app have -weekly, monthly, quarterly? Do you think people are more inclined to use the mobile app version for these reports, or stick to the desktop?
Emma McHale
Kathleen Burns
Hi Kathleen. Thank you for the comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the article. I would love to be able to create downloadable daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports within the app, but I think it makes sense for it to only be basic functionalities for now. PPC analysis and reporting is still desktop based, but it would be fantastic if in the future we could download PPC reports on a phone.
Kathleen Burns
Emma McHale
Phone or any mobile device! I can see this being a great feature in the future as more businesses move to using tablets in the work place (at least when traveling!).

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