How To Write a High Converting AdWords Ad

Rocco Alberto Baldassarre

Sep 29, 20142 min read
How To Write a High Converting AdWords Ad

Developing the blueprint of an ever-converting ad is impossible; every campaign and account is different.

Although the ad doesn't convert — it's the landing page — there are ways to write ad copies to increase the conversion rate. Here are eight tips to help you write high converting Google AdWords ad creatives.

Include Callout Extensions

Google AdWords callout extensions are the ideal way to point out specific features of your product or service. They can be set on a campaign or ad group level and work for both “Search Network” and “Search Network with Display Select” campaigns.

Select Your USPs

Unique Selling Prepositions (USPs) are a must when writing AdWords ads. However, a common mistake is to include just any selling point even the ones that aren’t unique. Additionally, USPs should be split-tested and only the best performing USPs should be used.

Sitelink extensions are a great way to include a call to action without taking characters away from the description lines. Instead of creating the usual site links such as Home, About or Contact, turn each of them into a call to action. For instance, "About" could become "Meet the Team."

Insert the Price

While inserting the price for products is quite common, inserting hourly rates or monthly subscriptions is often forgotten. Even once the price is inserted, it should be split-tested whether decimal places convert better or worse. For instance, $15.99 might convert better than $15 or under $20.

Use Call Extensions

Unless you have a very good and unusual reason not to include one, your campaign will most likely benefit from a call extension. Interestingly, ads with call extensions more often than not convert better than ads without one, even if nobody calls. It's worth a try to add a call extension to all campaigns, including desktop.

Preview Tool

The ad creatives of your competitors can significantly influence your CTR and conversion rate. Well-selected USPs as well as special offers and discounts can take away attention and conversions.

Use the AdWords preview tool to check what your competitors are up to in different geographic locations, and to strategically write your ad creatives.

Align Keywords, Ads, Landing Page and Social Media

As mentioned earlier, it is not the ad but the landing page that converts.

Since the rise of cross-channel remarketing, having a consistent branding and advertising strategy has become ever so essential. After viewing and clicking your ad, potential customers come back to your website six to seven times on average. During the decision-making process, they usually research your competitors as much as they look you up online.

Mention Warranties and Guarantees

100% money back guarantees and warranties are a powerful feature to mention in your ad. While all of your competitors might offer a 100% money back guarantee, not all of them might include it in their ads because they think it isn't unique.

This is where the AdWords Preview Tool comes in handy; you can easily identify which promises beat the ones of your competitors. Given that a warranty or guarantee would most likely take up one of the description lines, consider using callout extensions instead.

What other tips do you have for creating high converting AdWords ads?

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