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How To Write Great LinkedIn Posts

Julia Spence-McCoy
How To Write Great LinkedIn Posts

This year, LinkedIn announced something exciting — as of February 2014, you can now start publishing your own content to their community, using your profile!

In the world of content marketing, this is a great opportunity for each and every business with an online presence, and can bring in many people to your site. While this is exciting, you may be wondering just how to go about writing and publishing excellent content to share on LinkedIn.

This blog is going to explore why you should take advantage of this awesome opportunity, as well as how to create great content you’ll be proud to share.

Why post to LinkedIn?

The statistics speak for themselves. One incredible stat from Buffer reports LinkedIn sends four times as many people to your content than Facebook — four times as many! LinkedIn not only brings in more people, it also brings in a significantly wider audience. This isn’t just for your LinkedIn content, though; you will find that LinkedIn brings in more people for your actual site, as well.

Now let’s look at how you can write great content to publish on LinkedIn:

1. Write On a Topic You Know. This doesn’t just show you are knowledgeable, it also helps you with a jumping off point for what to publish. That first post can be daunting, but if you write about your job, field or unique knowledge you specifically know, you will find that you are able to come up with some wonderful content to share.

For example, if you are a librarian in a small town you could write about what you’ve learned when it comes to working with the local population, and how other librarians can use what you’ve learned in their library.

2. Keep it Short. There is always a debate about how long a post should be. But when it comes to LinkedIn, shorter is better.

Consider writing a post that is about 800 or so words. This will help you give enough information that 500 words just can’t do, without overwhelming the audience with large amounts of information. Use this post as a way to generate interest in your company — keep some things a mystery to be discovered when people visit your site.

3. Pay Attention to Your Analytics. Analytics are important for content no matter where it is, so always make sure you pay attention to them on LinkedIn. You can easily see things like how many people have seen your posts, the amount of likes you received and how many comments were made.

Keep these in mind as you begin to write more and remember posts that got more feedback. This will help you know what to write about in the future and help you generate more trendy topics. You want to make sure you are writing content that people enjoy reading, and those analytics will make it much easier for you to know what people like.

4. Rework Existing Content. Some people are currently reusing their existing content, but many experts suggest you do not engage in this. If you want to share some content on LinkedIn that you’ve already written, consider repurposing it by reworking it or writing from a different angle. This will help you generate new topic ideas quickly while also helping you come up with new material.

One idea for reworking your existing content is to write on one particular bullet point from your previous work. You could do a feature where you unpack each point in-depth, giving people adequate information per point, while also linking people back to your original post.

5. Share the Love. While LinkedIn is offering the site’s blog to everyone, it is still very much a social media network. This means, you still need to treat it like one and respond regularly to comments. The great thing about LinkedIn is that the comments will be high quality, but this also means it is even more imperative that you respond in a timely manner.

In addition to responding to comments, make sure you are commenting on other people’s posts as well. This is highly professional, can generate excellent connections with individuals in your field, and can help bring in more people to your own profile. The more you comment and respond, the more your post engagement will be boosted, sharing it outside of your network. Be kind and comment!

In Closing

Sharing content on LinkedIn is a great way to get more people to your site, and could help to bring in more revenue. Start writing up a content strategy for LinkedIn and begin thinking up what you would like to see from your own content. Doing this and following the above steps will help get you on your way to excellent content you will be proud of!

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