How to Create Your Backlink Profile with SEMrush

Mike Isaac
How to Create Your Backlink Profile with SEMrush

Knowing who is talking about you online is pivotal in keeping your website health up to date. How do you know who is talking about you online and where? Well, we can see an exact record of this through backlinks.

Each backlink you get from a website basically serves as a “vote” for your website from the other. This is how websites are receiving referral traffic. But there are certain websites in which you don’t want to have a backlink from, those spammy, low-quality sites. So how do you possibly keep up with all of this?

There’s a simple solution and it can be found at the click of a button.


As you may already know, when you enter any domain in SEMrush, you are immediately brought to the Domain Overview. This provides you will all of the information we have on that domain. 

You can get to the Backlinks section by either clicking the big blue number under Backlinks or by clicking the Backlinks section in the sidebar to your left. Once you get to this report, you can then further break down what may be going on with a website’s backlink profile.


total backlinks

If you have thousands of backlinks per linking domain, this could be a red flag for unnatural linking.

Tip: Check the same metric at your competitor’s domains. Count the average among them. You will get the answer about which rate is the best for your site and avoid any panic.


The best way to know where your links are coming from is to begin with the Referring Domains Report. This will tell you all of the domains that are linking to the website you searched within SEMrush.

This is not to be confused with Total Backlinks. The Total Backlinks Report will tell you each individual backlink for a website. However, some domains provide multiple links to a website. So if you look at the Referring Domains report, this will tell you each website that links to the domain that you searched.

This way you are able to see a more condensed list. So take a look at this list. What do you see? Do you recognize some of these websites? If this is your website, do these websites linking to you look familiar?


This is what we call the auditing process of your backlink profile. SEMrush provides great insight into how strong a particular domain can be to your website with the Domain Score. This is a ranking from 0-100, representing how strong the website is based on the quality and volume of links pointing to the website. The higher this number is to 100, the higher the quality of the site.

So when it comes to the auditing process, you want to make sure that your Domain Score of your backlinks is fairly high.

You may notice some domains with a low Domain Score that you know that they are a valued website which is fine. However, there are certain domains that you do not want to be linking to you as it interferes with your ranking. When low quality sites link to you, by keeping the link you are also basically endorsing the website. So when it comes to these low quality, spammy backlinks, you may want to consider disavowing them.

You can also find the backlinks reports for useful information such as finding your competitor’s partnerships. But another important report to analyze would be the Anchors report.


This will tell you what is being used in the anchor text of the backlink itself. This is basically the headline that is drawing an audience to your site from the domain holding your backlink. Sometimes the context used does not make sense or the text used does not properly describe your website. This is another point to consider when conducting your auditing.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.15.21 PM

Anchors may include a relevant keyword, which improves your site’s SEO. If the anchor does not make sense or it does not properly describe your website, you may want to consider getting the link removed.


The Backlinks report also helps you to spot where your links come from geographically, so you can target your audience better. It’s especially important if you aren’t in local SEO. You’ll find this report in the Referring Domains By Country section on the Backlinks Overview.

Regional backlinks distribution is marked with color. The darker the color, the more backlinks come from that country to a website. If you are working locally, watch the local links and concentrate on them. To view the full report, click the blue “View full report” button.

Backlinks Country Wawa

SEMrush has endless possibilities that you can uncover with not even just the information above. For example:

- Establishing partnerships based on your most authoritative backlinks

- Compare Backlink Profiles Against Your Competitor

- Examine Backlinks By URL

- And Many More!

There may be other things you have been able to uncover using SEMrush. Have you found other data useful in the Backlinks report? Are there other reports within Backlinks that you have found helpful? Have you found this successfully working for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

If you still have questions about any of this information, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team at: (855) 814-4510 or by email at mail@semrush.com. You can also contact us on Twitter by using the #semrushcare hashtag.

Mike Isaac is the Customer Success Content Manager at SEMrush. He has been working at SEMrush for over 3 years and is constantly pushing out new content to keep users engaged. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.
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