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I'm in Love with a Tool, SEMrush Video Changelog, 05/13/2016

David Black
I'm in Love with a Tool, SEMrush Video Changelog, 05/13/2016

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Changelog [text version]

Backlink Audit: 

The newest addition to the SEMrush Projects system is incredible. Our users now have the ability to audit their backlinks profile in order to ensure you're distributing your anchors properly, maintaining your current profile, uncovering spammy links that may negatively impact your site in search and even creating disavow files from directly within SEMrush.

Site Audit: 

Just a few little updates this week: we've moved the project sharing button into the header to make it a little more pronounced and visible. Also, if you receive weekly scheduled emails from our auditor, you'll now see weekly audit tips in there. We hope this helps!

SEO Ideas: 

This week, we've added a new idea set to the tool called Video Ideas. If three or more of your rivals are either video hosting platforms or have an embedded video on their landing page, our tool will generate some ideas for you! 

SEOquake Update: 

The last and final update this week is in our SEOquake toolbar. We've updated the SEO bar that you'll find at the top of each web page when you visit with the SEOquake toolbar activated. We've also revamped the little extension button that you see in your browser.

Let us know how we're doing — You can reach our Technical Support team Monday through Friday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. EST by phone at 855-814-4510 within the United States and, for our international users, 408-844-4633 from 4 a.m.-12 p.m. GMT. We're also available by email at [email protected] during both of those business hours and on Twitter using the hashtag #SEMrushCare.

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